Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level

Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level 1.7.5

No permission to buy (£20.00)
Great add-ons ' thanks Luke Foreman
A must have! All our members love it and works flawlessly! Great add-on! Thanks Luke!
Wow!! Had i only known how powerful this plugin can be.. I should have bought it years ago..
Fun addon that brings variety to our forums and the users love it. :) Works as intended, too! A++++
The one essential purchase for Xenforo. I don't know many XF sites that don't run it.
One of the best implementation of "Likes" that I've come across. Well worth the small amount for it.
Been using this on various XenForo powered sites, and finally bought a copy for my own site.
Excellent add-on !
Verry helpfull plugin
Simply excellent!
This addon is wonderful and is definitely worth the price. Users of my community love it.
Brilliant Addon, definitely improves the feedback loop for members.

Thank you
I think this addon is really worth its price. It works neatly and has added another layer of interactivity to our board. Negative reputation and auto hide are faster and easier than sending a report.

In between I have 'reaction' smilies to give a purpose to neutral reactions, so we can give our impressions without affecting a member score.

My members are enjoying and through the admin interface I feel at ease to add and delete as I see fit. Another great thing is that you don't lose past "likes" and can reassign the icon to whatever else you want.
This add-on was the main reason I choose XenForo over all the other forum softwares. Amazing add-on and amazing support!
Highly recommended, the members love it.
Great add-on ! Many options, works fine.
Awesome. Works as described and the author is always very supportive.
Very nice, thanks!
Wonderful add-on. Thank you.
Such a top quality, well made add on. Plenty of options, easy to configure, and it is no surprise this is one of the best add ons on XenForo.