Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level

Unmaintained Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level 1.7.5

No permission to buy (£20.00)
Had a minor delivery issue (apparently my email didn't like his), which was resolved, and had a minor installation issue (I had to bump up the available memory for PHP to get it to install), but it's working great now! Great resource, you definitely want it!
Amazing add-on very good for my site and helps instead of that old "like" button, I Did PM You Luke F Due to not being able to download yet.
Really great addon :) I highly recommend it for your xenforo server as I am using it for my xenforo community.
This addon is magnificent. It really brings a whole new level of engagement to XenForo. This is a must have for your community.
Amazing! Just bought this and I can only say keep up the great work! Any idea where I can find more icons to use as ratings? I assume users have to be registered to vote? Would it be very complicated to add functionality for anonymous votes to be collected separately? That would be a great addition. Once again, thanks for developing this resource!
A really fantastic feature to extend on the like. We first just want to rename likes to thanks, but this helps us customize it to our likings, AND, add another dimension of user engagement to the community. A must have feature and worth the money. Great developer, great support.
This is an excellent add-on! It is easy to install, very easy to customize and my members love it.
I finally figured out how to upload the files! Thank you, Luke, for this wonderful add-on! Excellent!
I have bought the resource, but received no download. I suggest you make it send "automatically" like you stated in page. I am still awaiting download.
Luke F
Luke F
Replied to your PM, some email providers filter the delivery emails as spam due to the .zip attachment containing .js files
Thanks Luke! An awesome addition to my forum. I have more than one license, but can only rate once 5 stars.
I purchased the plugin and had an issue with paypal that was resolved very quickly.

Great plugin, worked straight out of the box and does everything I need it to! The front end looks nice and integrates well in the forum (I like having the ability to put the reputation options straight under the post rather than under the sig).

Inbuilt functionality to replace the 'likes' system if you wish saved me time too!
Thanks Luke! An awesome addition to my forum. I have more than one license, but can only rate once 5 stars.
An amazing addon, so customizable and everyone in my community loves it. It's a good way to express feelings towards a post.
It adds a bit of excitement and drama to the normal rating system, which is good to keep conversation going.
This addon is awesome. I have seen it on other forums and was wondering who made it! Finally found it
Been using this add-on for over a year now, must say it is by far one of the coolest I has purchased! I would highly recommend this add-on to anyone I see using XF forum software.
We use this on our grief support forum at -- We've adapted it to meet the emotional needs of our members and they absolutely love it. It's increased participation.
Love this add on. We've not seen a huge up-swing in "Like"/Rating usage, but the members do love being able to rate with more than just "Like". Must have for an active forum!
We were looking for a way to have "likes" and "thanks", but wound up changing some other ratings into things that are useful to us. This works perfectly for what we needed. Worth every penny! Thanks!!