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Post Delete Time Limit 2.2.0

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A very useful addon that allows you to separate the existing Xenforo option that combines editing & deleting. So you can set the Xenforo "Time limit on editing/deleting own posts" option to 1 week, and then set this addon's "Time limit on deleting own messages" to 1 hour, which results in people being able to edit their posts for 1 week but only being able to delete it within an hour.
It is always cool if you are searching for a feature and XON already made an addon for it. This one is a must have, allowing your users to delete a post if they made a mistake within a certain time limit (5 minutes).
There are cases where you want your members to be able to delete their posts which you normally don't want to. Most of the time within the first 10 minutes or so, where they regret having posted something. This gives those people a peace of mind in case they regret having said something. Thank you.
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