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Unmaintained [PM|T] Advanced statistic 1.0.0

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[PM|T] Advanced statistic
Here is an Addon that will allow you to show advanced statistics like for example the number of messages they posted in a day​

Feature Summary :
  • User Group Permission
  • Options to change the display mode as you like
  • An option to put a notice

Here are the different types of display will change if you want the block to be open or not :
Here is the list of statistics that you had for the moment:
  • Daily statistics (Number of messages, Like received)
  • Weekly statistics (Number of messages, Like received)
  • Monthly statistics (Number of messages, Like received)
  • Total statistics (Total messages, Total likes, Total points, Number of people who follow you, Number of people you follow)
  • Other statistics (Ratio (likes / messages), Total views on your topic, Alert Point)
  • Statistical conversations ( Conversations created, Total number of conversations, responses)
  • Profile Statistics Messages (Messages on your profile, Comments on the posted profile, Posted profile message)
  • Overall statistics (Total registrations, Total discussions, Total messages, Total profile messages)
  • Dates (Save dates, Your avatar, Start of your subscription, End of your subscription)
If you want me to add more statistics come see me in private I'll do it ;)
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