PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin

PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin 1.5.5

No permission to buy ($99.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Additional requirements
Paypal Business or Premier Account
IPN Notify URL will have to be set in your Paypal Account
Stripe requires PHP 5.3.3 or higher
Updates duration
1 year
Visible branding
Setup Paid Membership Forum with XenForo in minutes!
PemBer is a professional Paid Membership plugin for serious Entrepreneurs, who want a no-stress solution which just works, to setup a paid membership forum in minutes.

Are you thinking of adding a paid forum to your Blog? Or Do you already have a forum and wonder if you can get members to pay a monthly recurring fee?

If yes, XenForo provides you with the best forum experience online. Even Sony, IGN and One Plus all use XenForo. But xenforo's premium membership features are lacking for serious entrepreneurs who aim to grow their communities to several hundred or even thousands of paying members.

With XenForo, you cannot have a paywall or Pay to Register forum. Your members cannot buy directly with their credit cards (Paypal accepting credit cards is a dodgy solution) and they can't even extend their plans or jump between membership plans. And you have to sit and calculate cents if someone wants their upgrade from Monthly to Quarterly pro-rated!

Unfortunately, XenForo, this super awesome forum software, makes it incredibly difficult to sell premium membership.

  • Members HAVE to register to BUY
  • Members cannot buy the same plan again
  • The "Upgrades" page is buried DEEP inside the forum, members can't even find it
  • Members cannot buy with other than paypal
  • Members cannot jump from a Monthly to a Quarterly or yearly plan without headaches
  • If someone changes a payment Plan, you have to manually cancel his previous plan
  • You cannot sell Downloads with XenForo Resource Manager
  • If you want a proper Landing page, you HAVE to use another script.
.... and so on!

PemBer solves ALL of the above problems and more...

Simply put, PemBer is the missing gear which can make sales through xenforo skyrocket! PemBer let's you create a paid membership site with xenforo literally in 10 minutes.

In 10 minutes, you can install PemBer, create a premium usergroup, integrate with your chosen payment gateway and start driving traffic to your Sales Page! PemBer provides you all the tools you need!

So here's a glimpse of some of the features of PemBer:

Let member's pay to register:

Plug the loss of sales by letting visitors buy and register instead of forcing Registration first, which kills sales. And all in one single Click!

(You can still offer Free Registration if you want)

PemBer offers Single click to Paypal and a Single click to Register with Card.

And what's more pretty? PemBer's BUY links are static. Meaning you can plug them anywhere to generate sales. Want people to buy membership directly from facebook or Twitter? Just use PemBer links!

Create Recurring Products, Trial Products (with reduced price), Payment Plans and more:

With PemBer you are no longer restricted to just fixed or recurring upgrades / products. You can earn more by setting up payment installment plans. Your members will love you for giving them the option of paying in installments and you can make MORE money!

You can also set up a Trial price of $1 (or anything else!) for the first month.

This frees you from the restrictions of software and lets you market and sell to your audience in whichever way your buyers are comfortable paying.

Create a beautiful Sales Page in minutes:

You don't need wordpress or spend hundreds of dollars on OptimizePress to create a sales page. PemBer gives you the option of crafting a beautiful sales page using the full power of the familiar XenForo BBCode Editor right inside the XenForo Admin Panel.

Add as many XenForo BBCodes as you want to craft a beautiful sales page.

And if you DO want to use Wordpress or OptimizePress or LeadPages, You can simply copy paste PemBer's BUY links into your Buy Now buttons!

This offers a smooth registration process and instant access to your Buyers who don't have to wait for you to manually add them to the forum after they have already paid!

PricingTable BBCode

Not only can you use the Sales Page which comes with PemBer, but if you so wish you can show your Product Pricing Tables anywhere in XenForo with BBCode.

So inside your threads and posts, in the XenForo Resource Manager, even with popular addons like AMS or Showcase, you can show your PemBer Products in a nice Table Layout. Here's an example of showing PemBer Products inside Posts.

Multiple Paypal Addresses

With PemBer 1.5.1 you can now setup different products to accept payments in different Paypal addresses.

So if you are partners who want to sell two different products from the same site but accept payments in different Paypal addresses you can do so with PemBer!

Create Product Levels members can jump between:

With Pember, you can setup to disable one product on the buying of another. And you can set to carry over the time left in one into the other one. And PemBer auto-cancels the previous plan if it's a recurring subscription at Paypal / Stripe.

Let Members Gift Upgrades to each Other

One of the best methods of boosting community engagement and sales is letting members gift membership to each other. Encourage friendships in your forum by letting members reward each other by Gifts!

Let Members earn Commissions by referring others!

With PemBer, you can setup a full featured Affiliate Sales program for your members. This is a WIN-WIN situation. You have more sales and your members can make money!

PemBer allows you to setup commission by amount or percentage and you can define a minimum threshold before Payment is sent.

Technical Disclaimer: You have to ask Paypal to enable MassPay API for your paypal account before you can pay affiliates. MassPay is FREE and you only have to contact Paypal Support to enable it.

Send Email Reminders to members before their upgrades expire:

Often members will forget to renew their fixed period plans. Or their credit cards will expire and their payment fails. PemBer sends out email reminders to members whenever they have to take payment related actions, giving them a grace period to fix their payment without kicking them out instantly.

Your members will love you for this!

Create Membership plans exclusively for a Usergroup:

Do you have a Founders Usergroup? Mentors perhaps whom you need to reward. With PemBer you can setup a Membership product which you can set to be exclusively available to only your selected usergroup.

So say it's the founders, then, no one other than the founders can buy that membership. This let's you reward regular / special members with reduced price membership plans.

Sell Downloads / Resources directly from the XenForo Resource Manager:

PemBer has out of the box XenForo Resource Manager integration. You can create a resource in xenforo and sell it directly with PemBer. No More jumping around the loops.

Send Conversation to Members upon Purchase:

When members purchase subscriptions you would want to send them specific information depending on what they purchased.

PemBer sends members an email with confirmation thanking them for their purchase. PemBer also allows you to define a conversation message for every product / plan to be sent to the member when they buy.

This allows for more personal direct communication with your members and you can send them a getting started video or anything you want!

Paypal & Stripe Support:

Let members buy with their cards or with Paypal. Again all in one click.

I have been working on membership sites for years now. And I don't see any one needing anything else. A combination of Paypal and Stripe absolutely rocks! And has the best overall conversion rate versus using any one of them.

Taxes Support and Automatic EU VAT:

With PemBer 1.5.0, PemBer now has support for adding taxes to your product. Taxes can be added on a per country / location basis. PemBer also integrates with the VATLayer API whereby it can automatically fetch VAT Rates for EU countries and apply them upon purchase.

Invoices for each and Every Payment:

Every Payment you receive has a corresponding invoice which you can view and print if required. Also your members can save the invoices for their own needs.

Yes I want to Buy PemBer -

Not Convinced yet?

7 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Honestly, several hundred man hours of development have gone into perfecting PemBer. I want to help serious Entrepreneurs earn truckloads of money from their forums. But I understand that you may have doubts.

So here's an irresistible guarantee you will not find with any other Premium Plugin anywhere!

Within 7 days, if you decide that you don't want to use Pember for your premium membership forum, just drop me an email at sadik[at]paidmembers[dot]net.

I will send you your money back - NO Questions Asked!

No excuses, no lying, no B.S. You send me the request and I will honour it.

Do you know how much money I will lose if I have to give you a Refund?

I live in India and my government thinks it's a lovely (sarcasm) idea to not allow Refunds from Paypal. So anytime I have to send someone a refund, I have to again pay paypal's fees and currency conversion charges so that my buyer does not lose money. So by offering you this 7 Day No Questions Asked Refund Guarantee, I will be absorbing currency and paypal fees loss TWICE!

And yet... I will give you the refund, NO Questions Asked. Because that's how confident I am in PemBer.

Sadik B
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Latest reviews

This is exactly what we needed for our small non-profit organization. The software works great and is easy to use. Sadik was able to help us identify a couple of unusual aspects of our installation and fixed them for us. That's wonderful service!!
PemBer is a must for any XenForo admin who wants a serious solution to paid membership/user upgrades. And Sadik's level of support is outstanding.
Amazing add-on and amazing support from Sadik. For growing sites that use Xenforo as their store front, Pember is a must have.
Sadik B
Sadik B
Many Thanks Adam. Appreciate the warm words. Watch out for upcoming versions of PemBer for even more awesome features!
Sadik added multiple PayPal and product BBcodes at my request. Both work efficiently and his support is second to none.
The new features have opened up possibilities that didn't exist previously, and the BBCode has increased visibility, which led to increased sales. This add-on is a must to monetize your installation.
Sadik B
Sadik B
Many Thanks for the Review. You have inspired the development of PemBer greatly and for that I am thankful!
It is a great plugin for paid forum
The author's support is fast and present.
It supports full stripe and paypal.
I hope they will always add new functions and that the continuous development.
Sadik B
Sadik B
Thanks, Bob, I really appreciate the feedback. Yes I have many plans for new features. If you have suggestion, please post it on I consider very strongly each and every suggestion posted.
This add-on it by far one of the best in the marketplace. The functionality is excellent and the dev support is even better again.
Sadik B
Sadik B
Thank you Simon. Appreciate the kind words.
Amazing add-on that extends the user upgrade systems and should be in the XF Core! Even if you don't use it for a Paid/Affiliate site, it still has amazing functionality for Upgrade/Commerce Optimization!
Sadik B
Sadik B
Thanks Oakley. Glad it's working well for you.
Does exactly what I need it to do. It's a vast improvement over the default Account Upgrades system, and the price is extremely reasonable! The author is active in fixing bugs and is responsive and reachable. Five stars, without any hesitation at all!
Sadik B
Sadik B
Thanks for your kind words... Much appreciated.
I took a gamble in purchasing this add-on, and wondered if it would increase the uptake in paid memberships. A couple of months later, there has been a significant increase in revenue - all with a big drop in the number of enquiries from users too! Sadik is incredibly easy to work with and is always helpful in dealing with any queries. This is add-on is highly recommended, not just for the add-on, but for the complete package which includes support.
Sadik B
Sadik B
Many thanks Brett. For anyone reading this, Brett is the epitome of awesome! I have worked with close to a hundred clients, and I would say Brett is one of the best I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I am glad PemBer has helped him, and we are working together for more awesomeness!
This product is amazing and now it has the affiliate system it is even better again. The developer is also brilliant to work with, and one of the most helpful i have come across to date.