[OzzModz] Thread Type Rating Competition

[OzzModz] Thread Type Rating Competition 2.0.2

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  • The addon was renamed to "[OzzModz] Thread Type Rating Competition", as well as forum and thread type - Rating competitions
  • Added forum type options to disallow editing option values for competition threads (with default values)
  • Added permission to edit disabled options
  • Added permission to limit rating change time
  • Added option to set average rating display precision value
  • Added whitelist mode for rating posts in competition
  • Added option to allow removing rates (by selecting empty value)
  • Display winners block on closed competitions (can be disabled in style properties)
  • Added option to close competition immediately
  • Fixed potential race condition error on post rate
  • Added rebuild tool for competition thread caches
  • Fix: hide ignored members from rated users display
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2.0.1 Patch Level 1:
  • Fix: Competition voting started check does not work properly
  • Feature: Added permission to vote for own posts
- Added option to set competition start date

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