[OzzModz] Hide Users IP In Public

[OzzModz] Hide Users IP In Public 2.0.2 Patch Level 3

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  • Fixed accessing properties for unregistered users
  • Avoid processing reply for instances not of \XF\Mvc\Reply\View
  • Remove redundant db query
ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Undefined variable: Parent src/addons/OzzModz/HideIp/XF/Pub/Controller/Member.php:24
Error: Call to undefined method XF\Mvc\Reply\Message::getParam() in src/addons/OzzModz/HideIp/XF/Pub/Controller/Member.php at line 15
Breaking Change. You will need to re apply the users you want their IP's hidden again in the options.

Fixed: Error while viewing IP in posts.
Changed: The option in the ACP
ParseError: syntax error, unexpected 'use' (T_USE), expecting '{' in src/addons/OzzModz/HideIp/XF/ControllerPlugin/Ip.php at line 4
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