[OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads

[OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads 2.0.9

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  • Fixed broken "any" usergroup force read thread condition
  • Fixed missing expire date force read thread condition
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Fixed: Incorrect instance checked for "Force Users to Read a Thread" permission in member moderator tools menu. Thanks @Painbaker
Fixed: An (incorrect "where or" clause) that would cause new users to not get forced to read threads that was introduced in 2.0.5. thanks @Painbaker
The following changes have been made:

  • Fixed user groups conditions query when selected multiple
  • Fixed query with multiple node option (seems related with issue above, but not sure)
  • Fixed application to nodes with custom url portion which was not selected in forced thread options
  • Workaround to prevent "Trying to get property 'node_id' of non-object " on replying with selected quote (not reproduced, but should work)
  • Code cleanup

Thanks to @Painbaker for the help with this addon.
Supports XF 2.2

Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads
Added: Support link in ACP addon list for the addon.
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[fixed] Expire in fields blank
[fixed] A small error with the Thread-Reply Add | in special cases
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[fixed] If a FRT thread is deleted there are errors in the ACP
[fixed] Template tags are not well formed. Tag if was found when expecting form.
[fixed] Trying to get property of non-object
[add] FRT for create Thread
[add] If there is a FRT for "Reply" then the replay field will be removed
[add] Option for "Open in new Window"

[changed] all code revised and optimized
[changed] phrasen
[fixed] Issue with user merge
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