[OzzModz] Badges

[OzzModz] Badges 2.3.3

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2.3.0 RC 1 Changelog:
  • The "take away" mod tool is back
  • Added delay option for repetitive badges
  • Added option to enable/disable manual badge awarding
  • Added option to disable badge
  • Optimized user badge rebuild tool
  • Added CLI rebuild commands xf-rebuild:ozzmodz-badges-user-badge xf-rebuild:ozzmodz-badges-user-badge-cache xf-rebuild:ozzmodz-badges-badge-count

take_away badge.webp
  • Fixed own badges featuring permission
  • Added style option to disable tier display on mobile devices
  • Fix: "call canTakeAwayBadge on null" error on member ban page
  • Fix: missing tier table column on fresh install
This is a beta release, take a full backup before installing.

  • Code refactor
  • New feature: badge tiers
  • New feature: badge stacks
  • Added REST API endpoints
  • Added permission to feature any user badge
  • Added option to sort featured badges by badge display order
  • Fixed issue when "Max number of featured badges" permission is set to "Unlimited" but was ignored (dependency on "Manage own featured badges")
  • Fix: refine featured badges if "Max number of featured badges" permission was changed









  • Use XF:Job queue to update user badges for better performance (also for user badge rebuild job)
  • Fixed multiple awarding with non-repetitive badges (hopefully preventing race-condition)
  • Revoke all badges if usernames are not provided in "Take away badge" ACP form
  • Fixed badge edit page title phrase
- Fixed Material Design Icon width on the badges help page
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Reactions: e-Dewan and Sunka
Fix: missing new table columns on first installation
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Reactions: e-Dewan
  • Feature: [bd] Medals importer
  • Feature: option to take away badges on member ban
  • Feature: Material Design Icon support (disabled by default in add-on options)
  • Fix: don't allow awarding revoked badges with criteria for users

How to import from [bd] Medals?
  1. Disable import source add-on
  2. Install this add-on
  3. In your admin panel navigate to Tools -> Import data and select "[OzzModz] Badges: {IMPORT_SOURCE_ADDON}"
  4. If everything is imported correctly you can uninstall the previous add-on
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