[OzzModz] Advanced Forms

[OzzModz] Advanced Forms 2.2.0 Beta 18

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Still testing it... however It lets me build a Yelp style section within my forum. A business Listing. Epic
Good forms plugin, as easy to use as the one we used in xenforo 1. Haven't run into any serious issues or limitations.
Great add-on, superb and lightning fast support! We use it for several specific contact and contests forms (byebye google forms)
Good to know the addon has helped you get rid of Google forms. Thanks for the review.
This addon is great, I love that we have multiple options to manage where the form is going. Really well built. Thanks for the awesome work.
Glad to know that you’re happy with the addon. Thanks for leaving a review.
This addon is absolutely essential for my forum and it works perfectly! Ozzy provides great support and fixes bugs very fast, totally recommended. Worth every penny!
Good to hear you have found the addon such a good fit for your forum. Thanks for leaving a review.
Great Developer, Great Addon, I've used it for years now. Great support as well, very active. Thank you!
Thank you for the kind words and for the review.
Submitted a question regarding support for this add-on and haven't received a response yet. Support is non-existent?
I don't see any questions in the addon thread from you.
This really needs a manual or tutorial to go along with it. I want this for my forum, but I have gone into the settings 3 times and left 3 times because I keep realizing I need to block out 3 hours uninterrupted to figure this all out on my own and test everything. For the price, this really should come with a guide. At least just make a youtube video walking through making forms and talking about the options.
Documentation should be in the works.
I don´t understand how it works and I cannot find an understandable documentation. I tried to work with it for hours without any success! Wasted money for me!
Wish you would have asked some questions before leaving such an unreasonable review.
The initial documentation is awful and it almost put me off making the purchase because I couldn't tell if this add-on had what I needed. You should genuinely consider neatening things up on the overview page, giving people a step-by-step walkthrough, and images of the front-end. A YouTube tutorial would even be nice. You have to understand that the buyer isn't going to necessarily be familiar with terminology such as "report".

With that being said, it was actually incredibly easy to set the add-on up by myself! I would recommend purchasing this if you're wanting forms for your forums.
It is a shame that I have never reviewed and rated this addon formally. Please share my sentiments with the original developer @Snog and I wish you good luck @Ozzy. This addon was one of the most useful addon in the XF1 world. I was so glad this getting imported to XF2 and the price has been a killer since the start. The license is a lifetime one and it is worth every penny, as it has a lot of functionalities and probably covers all usecases. And on top of that support has been always great, bugs were fixed quickly and response to questions were quick aswell. Thank you.
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before. We bought this some time ago for our forum, and by a country mile, this is one of our most important add-ons.

It's easy to use and massively flexible, and gives us the ability to produce forms for a broad range of applications.

Well done Snog - keep up the good work!
I am surprised to see that I haven't reviewed this add-on. By far, its one of my favorite add-ons. I have forms created for GDPR requests, business requests, account upgrade cancellations, domate, moderator applications, submission requests, etc. I love this add-on. Thanks!
Very useful and reasonable priced add-on. Has all the functionalities you need in forms.
Fast responses from the creator.
Love this add-on/utility. A must have for Role-Playing forums like ours, that loves the semi-automated functionality of submitting applications and the like. Easy to customize. Developer is always about, ready to help with inquiries in a timely manner!
The form system has accomplished a lot of things for our forum that we now don't have to do manually. Really amazing work.
Very good Addon. I am very happy to have bought this addon. Do we can reduce the spaces between one field and another? it is possible to apply it also in resources
Very useful add-on that works great and made by a supportive developer who listens to feedback and updates.
Solid system, low price, receptive dev, and no other addon beats it. Easily 5 stars and highly recommended.
This truly is advanced forms. Add-on has multiple options, I don't know what options aren't included in it. You can post forms as threads, posts, conversations ... Impressed, really.

Options are complex, maybe need some time to get used to it, but after that, you can make almost any kind of form to suit your needs.

An example form that's included is also very helpful to get started.

I definitely recommend this add-on, a developer is also very responsive and supportive.