Native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Native mobile apps (iOS and Android) 2020.02.24

No permission to buy ($60.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
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A native mobile apps (iOS and Android) for XenForo forums.

At glance:
  • XenForo 2.1.x
  • A extended api add-on:
  • Apple developer account if you want to upload to AppStore. Cost yearly at: $99
  • Google developer account if you want to upload PlayStore. Cost one-time: $25

Optional requirements:
  • app for push notifications
Required add-ons:
Other add-ons make app work well but not required: (2)
  • Profile Cover: To display a cover in user profile. Which also allow user upload cover in app

  • $60 for IOS app in free download 12 months. (You may only download IOS app)
  • $60 for Android app in free download 12 months. (You may only download android app)
  • $99 for IOS and Android in free download 12 months.


I have publish a repo for translation text inside the app.
Please make a merge if you found any translation issues and want to contribute new language translation.

Currently available languages:
  • English (en)
  • Vietnamese (Vietnam - vi)
  • Polski (Polish - pl)

Steps to buy app:
  1. You need buy a package:
  2. After your account upgraded you need configuration app information. Go there:
  3. After app configuration has been setup. You need make a request to build app files. Then click to button: [Request a app file]
  4. All required steps are completed. And be waiting when app finish build it's will upload to this page: you can download it and upload to store.
Key features:
  • News feeds screen
  • Forum list screen
  • Conversations (list, detail) screen
  • Watched threads list
  • Ignoring members list
  • Following members list
  • Support login with Two Factor Authentication
  • Profile screen
  • Thread detail screen
  • Notifications screen
  • Profile post screen

  • This app does not support In-app purchase so your forums which content a purchase which can be rejected by Apple. You will need give reason to they approve it.
  • You will receive a apk file run for almost devices so the file size will at least 30MB+ so when you upload to Google Play Store you will receive a warning about it. You can ignore it and continue the process.
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Latest updates

  1. 2020.02.24

    Notable changes: Bug: Fixed image was not shown in android Bug: Fixed android header layout...
  2. 2020.02.09

    Notable changes: Fixed render missing HTML Fixed screen choose forum when posting new thread...
  3. 2020.01.08

    Notable changes: Support viewing media player (Youtube) Support go to specific content when...

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Seems like the most viable way out of the Tapatalk BYO train. Some features are still missing (attachments!) but I was able to successfully submit beta version of replacement apps to both app stores... Features are being added quickly, and developer is helping with edge cases. I hope it will get feature parity and I will be able to replace Tapatalk...