Mobile Agent Tracer (CC by)

Unmaintained Mobile Agent Tracer (CC by) 1.5.5

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Version 1.5.5 released
Version 1.5.4 released
Version 1.5.3 released
  • Detection of new devices from Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE) addon version 1.3.x
Version 1.5.2 released

  • Compatible with XenForo 1.2

P.S: I've only performed quick tests but it should work. It should also still be compatible with XenForo 1.1. No need to update if you're still using XenForo 1.1.
Version 1.5.1 released
  • Fix the bug when the addon was disabled (no message could be posted anymore)
    =>Datbase fields have been converted (have by default a null value to avoid this)
  • The main template code has been rewritten & simplified
To update: use the autoinstaller addon or upload files/import xml
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Version 1.5 released
  • Fix a major bug when a profile post was done
    => Explanation: when a message is posted on the user profile, the "user" datawriter is called to update the user status. When the user datawriter is called, the user privacy preference to activate the recording of his mobile information was automatically disabled.
    Important: After the update, if many of your members were sending profile posts, I recommend you to use the new options (see below) to reset all users privacy field to enable
  • New option to reset all users privacy fields to enable or disable
  • Fix a bug when the option "Change Agent Tracer Information when message is edited?" was checked
    => Explanation: when the "like" function was used or when someone (like a moderator) was editing the user post, the agent tracer was using the data of the last person who had liked or edited the post. Those problems are now fixed.
    @Thanks to Mouth
  • Fix the permission phrase problem
    Important: you will need to configure again the users permission for this addon
To update: use Chris Auto-Installer addon or Upload files/Import xml + read above "important" points.
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Version 1.4.2 released
  • Typo mistake fixed - thanks to Tracy