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Unmaintained MMO Tooltips 1.0.6

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I added support for League of Legends but had to remove tooltips for some broken sites such as Guild wars 2 and a few others.
As requested, I've added the Marvel Heroes Tool tip.
Added diablo 3 tooltip from it's official page. Thanks to Enguerran A for finding it and a working example.
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I took a look at all the tool tips, most of the popular games still work without a issue. Lot's of dead database sites like torhead, rifthead etc. I can not find a working database tooltip for archeage, wildstar, diablo, or rift. Updated SWTOR's database and all seems to be working as of version 1.4.2 of xenforo.
I added and to the options, however the acutal javascript doesn't seem to be working. However portions of the tooltips for seem to work if the ESO/Destiny option is enabled.