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Unmaintained Material Xen V1.9.5

Introducing our first XenForo theme"Material Xen" based on Google Material Design

  1. Express Plus Company
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Updates Duration:
    First year is FREE and renewal addition, $20
    Visible Branding:
    Yes, but removable with payment
    It's been said that people don't like forums as they once did ... Right? we accept the challenge to make forums a joy to use again!

    We believe in thinking differently, we believe that design is our art not our product and through our art we are improving user experience and usability,

    We decided to design our first theme, "Material Xen", based on Google's material design concepts to show their real nature and as a glipse into what the future of forums and community will be! Using the most powerful design concepts and design philosophy, this new perspective will make forums easier :)

    "Material Xen" is designed to challenge the concept of communities and makes your forum easier to use and adds amazing features.

    Let's Start With Theme features (y)

    That's Not ALL !

    The first version of our framework is ready and integrates "Material Design" with XenForo's theme!

    # Show/Hide Breadcrumbs
    # Show/Hide Offline status indicator
    # Change Login Bar to an Overlay
    # Hide Extra User Info with Effect
    # Hide Forum Title in Index Page
    # Rounded Avatars
    # Logo As Text
    # Collapsible Categories
    # Font Awesome Node Icons
    # 2 Layout for Nodes

    # Separate Sticky Threads
    # 3 Collapse SideBar
    # Move Sidebar To Left
    # Custom Header Hero Image

    # Compatible with latest XenForo version 1.4.8

    Looking For Discover "Material Xen" ..... ?

    Feel free to take a quick tour
    Click Here For Live Preview
    Login Info

    How do I place an order?
    It's so simple,
    1- Click here to visit this link
    2- Click on purchase button
    3- Order Material Xen
    4- Choose Material Xen product then click on order now and check out
    5- Enter Your forum URL in "Additional Information"
    6- Sign up & purchase your order
    7- We will accept your order and download button will be available in the client area

    That's It !

    Have A Question ? .. We are here to help !
    Or Tweet us ! @ExpCompany

    Live Preview - Sign Up & Purchase !

    Wait Our Upcoming Updates :)

    We are committed to ongoing updates and would really like to hear your feedback ! :sneaky:

Recent Updates

  1. Material Xen V1.9.5
  2. Material Xen V1.9.4
  3. Style Updated for XF 1.5.9

Recent Reviews

  1. ioneti
    Version: V1.9.3
    1. Dont answer anything in discussion, only in the web by tickets

    2. Very slow to answer, the last don't answer.

    3. I paid extra 20€ for install it. They answer very quickly, but install it with CSS errors.

    4. I never have problema with other styles. In the first week when I want uninstall it and get back money, they dont answer anything.

    Only contact me when i open a PayPal case.
    1. Express Plus Company
      Author's Response
      Mr.ioneti, Thank you for your rating, PayPal's support has decided to refuse your claim because we've provide all proofs that you was asking for customization NOT errors in the theme and until this moment we're very welcome to receive any bugs in our theme, so please don't turn the reality here and In good faith you'll receive any updates from Material Xen and your membership in our client area is valid until this moment.

      Thank you !
  2. Benedevil
    Version: V 1.8
    I have been searching for a long time for such a clean and captivating theme. It is truly a delight to work with and required minimal effort to adjust it to my needs. Can't wait for more brilliant themes like these!
  3. Steve Brewer
    Steve Brewer
    Version: V1.3
    This is great, only thing I would change is the option to have a navigation bar at the top, guests can't seem to find the navigation bar being at the bottom, and I think it's because people are used to there being credits and things nobody uses at the bottom so we go a bit blind to that space. I don't need breadcrumbs, a nav tab would be better placed there.
    1. Express Plus Company
      Author's Response
      Thank you Steve, we will add this feature to our next version :)
  4. GliX
    Version: V1.3
  5. Moustapha Saber
    Moustapha Saber
    Version: V1.3
    Awesome theme. Very simple and clean code, best usage of material design.Awesome typography choices, not very risky, but with correct proportions, looks good on tablets and phones.

    Thanks for the submitted effort.
  6. GliX
    Version: V1.2
    1. Express Plus Company
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reporting this bugs but we have not left our clients with these bugs if you read our discussion from first we have post 2 updates for solving other bugs
      and we are very understand these bugs, we are working on it and others

      Thank you for your reply and your rating that really challenging us to solve all of these as fast as possible without any negative feelings :)

      BTW, we have solved your reported bugs now,