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Log all moderator actions 2.2.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
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PHP 7 and PHP 8 supported
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This add-on will make it possible to log all moderation related actions to the log, even if the user isn't a real moderator.
It is also possible to log users own post / thread edits. This will be visible in de moderator log.

By default, XenForo will only log moderator actions if the user is part of the moderators group (Groups & permissions > Staff > Moderators).
Sometimes you may want to give a normal user extra moderator permissions, like the ability to lock/unlock threads without making this user a real moderator. These actions are by default not logged. That's why you may need this add-on.



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Latest updates

  1. [2.2.0] XF 2.2 Compatibility

    Maintenance update, now supports (and requires) XF 2.2.0+
  2. [1.1.1] Bugfix

    Fixed an issue that would occur when editing profile comments.
  3. [1.1.0] Feature update

    Added option to also log own post/thread edits (Requested by @Joe Link) Code cleanup