Link Directory (LD)

Link Directory (LD) 3.0.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.4, 1.5
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The Link Directory offers you a built-in XenForo link list with numerous features such as:
  • Link Directory Site is visible depending on group rights
  • Links can be added depending on group rights
  • Links can be edited, depending on group rights
  • Links can be deleted depending on group rights
    • any existing link threads are then also deleted
  • Links must be released after each group rights or are immediately visible
    • message in the XenForo moderator bar
    • message on the XenForo hint system
  • clicks on links are counted
    • only real members clicks
    • flood protection
  • Links can be "liked" depending on group rights
  • Links can be "rated" depending on group rights
  • Links can be "bumped" depending on group rights (VIP)
  • Links can be sorted in the frontend by members
    • late
    • title
    • clicks
    • likes
    • and more
  • Links can be moved within the categories
  • Links can be reported
  • Custom Fields
  • Pay function for VIP Links
  • Tags for Links
  • og:tags read from the URL
  • or screenshot is maked
  • or User can Upload an Image
  • Prefixes for Links
  • Grid oder List View
  • Image size can be freely selected
  • Linko wner can change
  • Links are checked via cron to function and may reported
  • categories can be created, edited, and deleted incl SubCategories
  • separate display below the category for "My links"
  • link topics can be created automatical
  • selectable forum for link themes
  • maximum number of displayed links adjustable per side
  • maximum number of links a user can add is adjustable
  • standard sorting the links lists set
    • date
    • title
    • clicks
    • likes
    • and more
  • optional domain blacklist (with wildcard (*) support)
  • optional URL source code check
    • it could, for example, only XenForo forums be admitted as links
    • Category based or System-based
  • optional tab in the navigation (phrase editable) - Position can changed
  • optional settable "noindex"
  • optional settable "nofollow"
  • Sidebar Wideget for [bd] Widget Framework and XenForo Sidebar
  • Search function
  • Import / Export (NETSCAPE Bookmark file)
  • and more and more and more...
In addition, most functions in the ACP are each provided with explanations and support is ensured over the free support site


Important information:
This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.
au lait
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 3.0.1

    [fixed] PHP7.x compatibility
  2. Version 3.0.0

    [add] custom fields support [add] Permission | user can rate own links [fixed] Wrong number of...
  3. Version 2.9a

    [fixed] Some problems pardon!

Latest reviews

Awesome link application for Xenforo. In fact it's a full application itself which is integrated in Xenforo, not just an add-on. Lots of meaningful functions, very convenient usability. Suggestion for a later version: pull styles to seperate style options to make it even more perfect. It's still 10 out of 5 stars, just great! Additionally you get professional support and individual customization if you need it. Thanks a lot!
An excellent resource that is building nicely on my site. When you add maps I'll come back and give it 6 stars :)
Now with version 2.5 we have a fully featured link directory that leaves no wish unanswered. Highly flexible and convenient you can manage your links with visually rich presentation, rate, bookmark, reassign, categorize and monetize your links with a few clicks. Your users will love it.
Awesome add-on and great support. Au lait is listening to his customers and integrated many good suggestions. Now it really looks professional. I don't easily give 5 stars but this add-on is worth 5 stars!
Thanks Au lait for this great add-on and all the effort you put in it. :-)
I appreciate your work.
Best Addon ever! I just uninstalled the XF Resource Manager and installed this Link-Directory Addon. This Addon makes a great Portal-Page. The author nailed it - great job!
A brilliant add-on! The author's support is outstanding. We had been running a link directory since 2000, and au lait wrote a custom import script that seamlessly integrated some 6,000 links into our LD installation. He is very open to suggestions. Definitly one of our favourite add-ons and add-on authors! :)
Another brilliant addon made by Au Lait. Incredible piece of work. I've had my eye on this addon for quite some time. It is not cheap but worth every penny (like all his addons). I am really stunned by the slick functionality. As always his support is excellent. Keep up the good work m8!
Excellent Add-on! Very powerful & looks extremely promising. The developer keep adding more and more features. It's getting packed with features. I am giving this add-on 5 stars out of 5. It is definitely one of the best add-ons on xenforo.

I am using the Resource Manager as a review add-on since there isn't really any review/link directory add-ons here on xenforo. Other than showcase and xenking. But this add-on is definitely way better than showcase and xenking

I can finally replace the resource manager with this add-on in a few of my websites.

Thanks for your hard work. I wish more developers here made such huge feature packed add-ons.
Going from strength to strength, with terrific functionality and features. A contender for the top 10 best add-ons for XF :)
Very great add-on with many features. Makes building Link Directories very convenient. Many features.