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Unmaintained Like Limits Pro v1.0.2

Delay like abusers, the pro way...

  1. alexD
    Do you Like limits? Perhaps you don't, but you certainly need them. Especially when a user exploits the likes functionality to either spam or to annoy.

    XenForo does not currently offer any out-of-the-box way to properly remove likes.
    No matter if the spammers get renamed or even deleted, their previous usernames will still be visible in the posts they liked.

    Like Limits Pro v1.0.2
    for xenforo is the solution
    • Throttle likes for whatever number of seconds you wish.
      • An optional waiting threshold until the next permitted number of likes, in case the above limit is triggered.
    • Exclude user groups from limit definitions.
    • A clever system that forgives accidental unlikes and allows the users to like again without being punished for triggering any limits. (optional)
    • Moderator Controls (forum/node based permissions):
      • Update/correct like caches for any thread or post (useful if there are renamed or hard deleted users who have liked something, but get to be displayed with their old usernames or still show up even if/as deleted).

    How does it work?
    Administrators are presented with an application to manage their custom like limits.


    In the above example we limit the 'Registered' users only [1], by excluding any other group [2].
    By default, all XenForo members are included in the 'Registered' user group.
    Creating limits for that group could also limit users that are included in the 'Administrative' and 'Moderating' groups.
    Like limits, allow you to exclude any user group from any limit you wish.

    We throttle 5 likes when made within 300 seconds [3], this means that users are disallowed to like more than 5 times within 5 minutes.

    Now, the optional parts (not populating them, simply disables them).

    By allowing 2 likes after periodical waiting thresholds of 20 seconds [4], we allow the registered user to continue liking content, with a maximum limit of 2 likes per 20 seconds (kind of a secondary throttling inside the main one, *inception sound*).
    The user would initially have to wait 20 seconds before liking for the 6th and 7th time. When these next 20 seconds would pass, he/she would be allowed to like again for the 8th and 9th time only within the next 20 seconds, and so on... until the 5 minute throttling ends.

    Allowing likes for recently unliked content is also enabled (if liked within 15 seconds after last unlike) [5].

    You may also move the like limit definitions. The ones closer to the top have higher priority than the following ones [6].

    This add-on is licensed on a per domain name basis. Bulk discounts are also available if you'd like to use it on multiple domains. You can always private message me if you have any questions or special requests about licensing.

    Unauthorized redistribution of this add-on may and will result in public ridicule.

    Browser support
    The management application in the administrator's Control Panel was built with the latest standards in mind, thus only the latest versions of the major browsers are supported (firefox v18+, chrome v24+, opera v12+, internet explorer v10+).
    Any other pages/elements affected by the add-on should still work in older versions.

    Would you like more features?
    Let me know :)

    Some features I'm considering for the next updates:
    Post Ratings support.
    Options to enable/disable the like limits in places other than posts (e.g. in the profile comments).
    Option to limit likes for specific nodes only.
    Remove likes of specific users from threads or posts.
    Update likes information when rebuilding threads, globally.

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