Unmaintained Latte 2.0.5

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.4, 1.5
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
This is a coffee themed responsive XenForo style with non-standard navigation that uses modern technologies.

Style is fully responsive. Style is designed with support for high definition displays, such as Apple Retina display. Other styles look pixelated on new generation of monitors, this style looks sharp.

Style has 2 premade color variations, the only difference is secondary color (green or red):

Live demo

Add-ons support

Style has built-in support for most popular add-ons:
  • XenForo Resource Manager
  • XenForo Media Gallery
  • xenPorta and xenPorta 2 Pro
  • User Albums
  • Showcase
  • Article Management System (AMS)
  • sonnb's Xen Gallery
  • CTA Featuread Threads & Portal
and many other add-ons.

Artodia Styles Framework

This style is built on Artodia Styles Framework that has over 700 custom style properties. It comes with optional add-on. Add-on adds new features to style properties in admin panel, making customization easier.

Below is a list of main framework features.

Static/sticky navigation

Navigation stays on top of screen when you scroll down.

Compact nodes list, custom node glyphs/sprites

Features shown on sample above:
  • Compact nodes: nodes can be split into columns. You can select which categories to apply it to.
  • Custom category glyphs. You can assign any Font Awesome or Glyph Icons glyph for each forum category.
  • Custom node glyphs. You can assign any Font Awesome or Glyph Icons glyph for any node. You can also set custom glyph colors for read/unread node states. (see nodes in first category on sample above)
  • Custom node sprites. You can set custom node sprite image for any node. (see nodes in second category on sample above)
Screenshot of 4 admin panel pages (combined in one image) shown on sample above:

Clicking "Show Nodes" button will bring up list of nodes. Clicking glyph input will show list of available glyphs with search option.

Message layout options

There are several message layout options, including horizontal profile layout. You can also control size of avatar in posts.

Navigation layouts

Style has 3 layouts for navigation. Each navigation has FontAwesome or Glyph Icons glyph, that you can customize in style properties.


There are several layouts for breadcrumbs, each one can be customized:

Other features

  • Ability to set different logos for high definition and normal displays
  • Configurable fixed or fluid layout (simply set width to @pageWidth property)
  • Login uses overlay window instead of appearing above header. It can be disabled in style properties.
  • Collapsible categories
  • Collapsible sidebar
  • Compact threads (similar to compact nodes shown above)
  • Custom thread icons. You can assign special icon for any thread
  • Typography: easy to change fonts for entire forum
  • Floating up/down navigation in bottom right corner
  • Widgets block for footer (requires latte HTML knowledge to configure)
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Latest reviews

For now, I'm using two styles from Arty (one Elegance and one Latte) so far. (and his Email Customizer add-on to make emails look like our sites)

Before being Arty's customer I had another style that I really loved it, and made lots of customization on it. and Because of lack of support and tons of bugs on each update, I decided to use new style from another developer. So, I decided Arty and his works.

Now, even myself can't believe how happy I am with these styles and Arty's support. He is always in touch and responsive and I never waste time waiting for answer to my questions. Bugs are being fixed asap and new features and improvements are always being added. Good suggestions are always welcome and great news are always coming from Arty :)

Thanks Arty for your great work and I wish you the best.
Arty wasn't kidding when he says this style has hundreds of style properties to customise with. I've had it installed for about 15 minutes now and I'm amazed at just how pretty much everything I think of has an option for it. I adore the layout, the colour - I think this is the first time I've installed a style and not wanted to change the colourscheme; it just works. I love the array of options for laying out the nodes. I love the icons, I love the alternative nav and I love the way I can change the glyphs so easily. I can't think of anything negative about this style. I'm crazy in love with it already. Fab work - but only to be expected from Arty - who originally drew me in with his coffee version of the Soft Responsive style so long ago.