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[KL] CoinHive Integration

[KL] CoinHive Integration 1.0.0

No permission to buy (€60.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
See FAQ.
Updates duration
12 months; 25€ yearly renewal
Visible branding
Important: I do not have any automated payment processor. If you want to buy this add-on, please start a conversation with me, so I can provide you the payment details. Payment is only available via PayPal.

[KL] CoinHive Integration

As ad block usage is rising across the web, numerous pages and website owners have started looking for other means of income in order to keep their products alive. One of the newest trends is crypto mining - delegating small crypto tasks to your site users and let them mine the currency for you. With CoinHives new AuthedMine, you now have the chance to join the trend and let users mine for you, when they want to.

And why should they mine for you? The answer is simple: Account upgrades. With this addon, each user receives a 'bank account' on your forum. To increase the balance of this account, all he needs to do is to provide his processing power for your mining tasks. Whenever he successfully calculates a hash, his account balance is increased. They can then spent those hashes for user upgrades!

Not enough you say? Replacing your captchas with CoinHive Captcha gives you an additional source of processing power. In order to successfully pass the captcha, the user needs to calculate a number of hashes as defined in your admin control panel. And how is this safe? Mining is quite processor intensive, meaning that it will be simply no longer 'fast' enough for bots, to access your website - it just no longer pays off for bots to pass these captchas.

  • Near-complete CoinHive API integration
    • Check your full dashbord stats from within your ACP
    • Manually withdraw hashes from a users account
    • Reset a users account balance completely
    • Get a graphical history of the last seven days, providing valuable information on how much you actually earn (in hashes)
  • CoinHive Captcha
  • Pay with hashes
    • Let your users pay user upgrades with their hash balance
    • Full integration into XenForos existing payment system
  • Additional user options
    • Let users chose their own mining setup, so they can adjust their mining capabilities to their wishes
    • Provide information to users about their account balance
    • Enable the advanced miner, to let users mine with visible feedback
    • Enable users to fully opt out of the miner, if they do not want to participate
Installation, Upgrade and Deinstallation
  1. Upload the content of the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory.
  2. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and install the CoinHive integration
  1. Read the patch notes for potential additional necessary steps!
  2. Upload the content if the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory. Overwrite files when asked.
  3. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and upgrade the CoinHive integration
  1. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and uninstall the CoinHive integration
  2. Delete the following folders inside your XenForo root directory:
    1. src/addons/KL/CoinHive/

If you appreciate my work, please consider leaving a like and a review, and a contribution via PayPal. Details are provided via private conversation.

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