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[KL] Admin Tools

Beta [KL] Admin Tools 1.0.0 Beta 2

No permission to download
Please note that the license does not entitle you to use this add-on on a commercially active XenForo installation, meaning that when you run some form of commercial income on your XenForo installation (ads, user upgrades or other means of money generation), you will require to extend your license to a commercial license. Commercial licenses are a one-time payment and include all future updates. You are required to buy one license per online accessible XenForo installation that is commercially active. Commercial licenses for this add-on are available at a price of 15€/each. Be fair and keep this add-on free for everyone who offers his content for free.

Q: The CC license prevents me from using this software. Can I have a custom licensing?
Custom licensing for commercial purpose is available against a small fee. Contact me for more information.

Q: Are there more features planned for the future?
If you feel like User Improvements needs more features, please suggest them in the discussion. The following features have been scheduled for implementation:
  • Download user info document containing all user data.
  • Sort styles.
If your suggestions is not being scheduled for implementation, you can request a modified version.

Q: I require a modified version! Do you offer modifications?
Yes I do. Start a conversation with me to describe me your needs. Please note, that these modifications are not free of charge.

Q: Is this addon safe to use despite its beta status?
The addon has been freshly published a while ago. The duration of the beta status depends on your feedback. If there aren't any bug reports for a few weeks, the software is likely to leave beta status more early. Even though the software has been tested, I do not recommend to deploy this addon onto a live site just yet.

Q: Are there any known bugs?
A: See the list below. If you encounter any unlisted bugs, please report them in the discussion.
  • None, yet.