Keyword Management (Keyword Replace)

Keyword Management (Keyword Replace) 1.15.0

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[add] Exclude Post Ids
[add] Exclude Thread Ids
[add] Not in UserGroup

[fixed] Several improvements
Reactions: Sunka
[fixed] greek Problem
[fixed] Several improvements

[*] Many many design/phrasen improvements
[add] Option to replace or not replace the Keyword
[add] Import option to overwrite existing Keywords
[fixed] Keyword-Click-Stats

[*] Many many design/phrasen improvements
Reactions: eva2000 and Sunka
[fixed] You can not select "Link based on Short URL".
other small optimizations
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[fixed] Bugfixes
[add] Arabic support
[add] Cyrillic support
[*] Other improvements and bug fixing
[fixed] Error report from Post 115
[fixed] Error report from Post 116
Thanks to bill78
He had the idea for the following changes. Thank u

[add] add custom "rel" values for the Link
[add] add custom "class" valuesf or the Link


[add] Now, a keyword link are also additionally provided with an overlay.
See Images.


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[fixed] some error
[add] performance improvements