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Keyword Alert 1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
This addon allow User to save different keywords for alerts/emails

  • User Groups permission to use this addon
  • Emails send via Cron + Queue
  • Emails delivery has different mode immediately, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Alert will have only immediate mode
  • Cron will run in every 20 min to sends emails
  • User can select multiple forums to set keywords
Note :
Please send me PM if anyone need this addon or also i can add any other feature on it
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fahad ashraf
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I commissioned development of this add-on as there were no other add-ons I could find for XF2 that took care of this functionality. I was using something similar on XF1. So far it seems to work as planned, so I am happy.
Great to see this addon appear as we used to use a similar addon back in XF1 and our users have been crying out for it to come back.

Developer is very quick to respond to emails/support.

Keep up the good work!