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Keyword Alert 1.0.1

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
This addon allow User to save different keywords for alerts/emails

  • User Groups permission to use this addon
  • Emails send via Cron + Queue
  • Emails delivery has different mode immediately, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Alert will have only immediate mode
  • Cron will run in every 20 min to sends emails
  • User can select multiple forums to set keywords
Note :
Please send me PM if anyone need this addon or also i can add any other feature on it
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fahad ashraf
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Latest updates

  1. Keyword Alert

    Fixed Bug: Now users that have no permission to use keyword alert will not received email or alerts
  2. Keyword Alert

    Fixed Bug: User can only see forum list on create alert page that visible for him Change email...

Latest reviews

I felt like I was taking a gamble with a developer I wasn't familiar with, but so far this add-on has been solid. It's missing some key features but the core functionality seems to work well. Looking forward to seeing what he does to improve this in the future.
I tried this add-on because I was using this great one from xfrocks, which will be hopefully updated soon for XF2.

At first it is not possible to pay through paypal, but Payoneer has to be used.
Then there were quite some problems getting this add-on to work. It's not possible to get alerted when a user posts something, like it was with the one from xfrocks (@ before username)
Also there are no wildcards and the term has to match exactly. Which makes it very unhandy to use. The time-interval when mails are sent can't be set in the add-on, you need to clone the cron to alter the time settings.
Updates are not being sent automatically, so you have to ask for them! and mabye! get them through PM. But with every PM you get bugged multiple times to rate this add-on with five stars. Every time. Now after asking! for the new update, I get this:

"First rate the add-on then you will got new updates

I rather wait for an update from xfrocks and well, sad but true, money not well spent here.
Works well so far. Alerts are given and emails are sent and my users appear to like it. Developer was responsive and resolved some issues I had and added a minor new feature for a small fee. Not rating 5 stars as I need to be completely blown away for that but I'd recommend this add-on if you need the feature. No errors and works well so far.
I commissioned development of this add-on as there were no other add-ons I could find for XF2 that took care of this functionality. I was using something similar on XF1. So far it seems to work as planned, so I am happy.
Great to see this addon appear as we used to use a similar addon back in XF1 and our users have been crying out for it to come back.

Developer is very quick to respond to emails/support.

Keep up the good work!