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Icewind Visitors Tab 1.0

Adds a members avatar to the visitor tab and option to replace/remove user name

  1. Lawrence
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Icewind Visitors Tab allows admins to select to display a members avatar and user name in the visitors tab, display just the user name, display the avatar only, or display another word in place of the members user name.

    Template Edits: none;
    Template Modifications Added: 2
    New Phrases added: 1 (iwd_vt_username)

    The phrase was added to allow you to change the members user name in the visitors tab to something else, like:
    Me (this is the default)
    <- Goofball
    Your Account

    New Style properties added to Header & Navigation properties group to allow avatar and user name customization's per style. Well, that is about it for features, :confused:

    - if you do not want an avatar on the visitors tab, this addon will also allow you to change the color, etc., of the users name in the visitors tab.
    - delete the word "Me" from the phrase to show the avatar only, or use display:none; in Icewind Visitor Tab, User Name extra css box.
    - if you do not use the avatar option, the css associated with the visitors tab avatar is not sent out.

    See the screen shots to get the idea of what it does.

    ss_1.jpg ss_2.jpg ss_3.jpg ss_4.jpg ss_5.jpg ss_6.jpg ss_7.jpg
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