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Icewind Tumultuous Four 1.0.1

Limit posts per thread and/or threads per forum a member can make (user group)

  1. Lawrence
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Visible Branding:
    This add-on inserts 6 new permissions, see screen shots, that allow admins to limit the number of threads, and the number of posts to a thread, a member can make per forum over an X amount of time.

    Note: if you limit threads to 2 posts per member, the member can make two posts per thread in that forum. Just wanted to clarify that.

    I wrote this add-on for my site to limit greeting threads from becoming pages of conversations, and to set it so that members can only make two threads in that particular forum (a greeting one and a farewell one). It can also be used if you have a forum that generates heated discussions to make members "think" before they waste a post as they can see how many posts they are limited to make. Soft-deleted threads/posts are included in the counts, intentionally.

    See the included read-me, and SS's, for an example of how to use these new permissions.

    Note that for numeric permission settings, use 0 (zero) for unlimited. This was done for two reasons: so the actual "unlimited" option can be overridden by a number, and secondly, so that admins can set the permissions they want only for forum(s) they want to have a limit for and not worry about the settings for the rest of their forums.

    Remember, parent forums settings are inherited by child-forums. If you have a forum where you want only one thread started per member, and you want that for the child forums, you just need to set the parent forum permissions for this. If you want the child forums to use a higher value, change it, or set to Bypass for unlimited.

    On install, the registered user group is default to 0 (unlimited) and the administrative and moderating groups are set to Bypass (bypasses any limits set).

    Phrases: start with iwd_tf_ if you want to find them to change them.

    Options: AdminCP -> Options -> Threads, Discussions, and Conversations. First option at the top, check to show remaining threads a member can start, or posts they can make. Defaulted checked.

    Template Modifications: 2, for the option above.

    Data Base Changes: The installer adds in the default permissions, that is it.

    Install: Back-up your DB first. Once installed, your site will work as per normal, so you can play with the settings for, say the admin user group. Standard install: upload, import.

    Uninstall: Like it was never installed. Be sure to delete the associated directory in your library.

    Callbacks: If you receive a phone call from Mike Myers to star in an upcoming Austin Powers movie within three days after installing this add-on, it is by coincidence. Really.

    Branding: You know something? I don't know what you don't know. You know? I just don't know.

    This add-on can only be installed if downloaded from XenForo.com, and you can not redistribute or re-package it in any way without the express approval by the author.

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  1. Triops
    Version: 1.0.1
    Just awesome - exactly what is needed for websites, where at high season lots of new users flood the forums. Thanks a lot, perfect.