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Icewind More Permissions 1.1.2

Currently adds 10 new permissions and 2 new user search criterion.

  1. Lawrence
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    Note: As of version 1.1.2, parts of MorePermissions (to do with polls and online status) is not compatible with Xenfor 1.3 or less. If you are using XenForo 1.3 or less, stay with MorePermissions v 1.1

    What it Does:

    This add-on currently adds some new permissions. More permissions will be added in the future. Please refer to the update tab to read what new permissions have been added since this initial release.

    General Permissions (Icewind More General Permissions):
    Hide online status​

    Forum Permissions (Icewind More Forum Permissions):
    Start polls
    View polls
    View open poll results
    View closed poll results​

    This add-0n also adds two new criteria to user search in the Admin CP, and the Batch Update user update actions. More search criteria and actions may be added in the future.

    Icewind More Options:
    Online status is invisible
    Has a custom title​

    Icewind More Update Actions:
    Set online status to visible
    Remove custom title​

    * note, the More Update Actions is contained within it's own form.

    If a user can not see poll results, they will be shown the selection(s) they have made. The additional permissions, options, and actions are grouped that way as a reminder to you that they are not a part of XenForo if you decide to un-install this add-on at a later time.

    Template Edits: None

    Template Modifications: 6 modifications applied: account_preferences, account_privacy, navigation_visitor_tab, poll_block_vote, thread_create, and thread_view.

    Admin Template Modifications: 2 modifications applied: helper_user_search_criteria, and user_batch_update_confirm.

    New Templates: 2 added: iwd_mp_poll_block_list, and iwd_mp_thread_poll_results.

    New Admin Templates: 2 added: iwd_mp_more_actions, and iwd_mp_more_options.

    Database Changes: None

    Installation: See the included read me file, standard install.

    Once the install is complete navigate to: Admin->Tools->File Health Check to ensure the files were uploaded correctly.

    All new permissions are set to Not Set. Set these after you completed the file health check.

    This add-on can only be installed if downloaded from xenforo.com or icewinddalerp.com, and can not be re-distributed or re-transmitted in any way without the consent of the author.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sheratan
    Version: 1.1
    Great addon. Very usefull.
  2. Luis
    Version: 1.0.1
    Good AddOn and great support.

    Thanks for this Lawrence.