HTML BBCode (permission protected)

Unmaintained HTML BBCode (permission protected) 1.0.8

No permission to buy (£6.00)
Working absolutely perfect to integrate html in posts. very useful to add forms / paypal buttons in posts [users with permissions]. Great support of the developer. Thanks Luke. ★★★★★
Does what it says on the tin, so far no issues with other add ons installed.
Saving me loads of time, now I don't need to convert tables from HTML to BBcode
Works like a charm in posts, but only 3 stars as it is not working in the resource manager. Several users have asked several months if there are any plans for it to work in the RM, but unfortunately these questions are simply ignored by the author, even though the questions are from paying customers.
thank you ...
Works like a charm!
Works like promised right away.
While being the only addon of its kind, it is definitly worth the money. Because of the nature of this addon, there is not more to say than "It works flawlessly" though.
Does what it says on the tin! Excellent :)
works great!
Works perfectly. Very useful addition to have. Thanks
Works perfectly. Very useful addition to have. Thanks
Works great thanks buddy!!!
Very nice once again...
This does so much for my site in the way it enables me to create some really well formatted posts and in other areas of my site by being able to use html (admins and Mods only though)
works great bro