Headquarters (Now in 4 Colors!)

Headquarters (Now in 4 Colors!) 1.6.1

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September 12, 2017 | Theme Version 1.6.1

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NulumiaBase Framework v1.7 is here! NulumiaBase is the powerful theme framework which powers all styles available at the Nulumia.com shop. Version 1.7 is the largest release yet since the original 1.5 overhaul, and brings hundreds of new changes, bug fixes and enhancements.

While not vastly feature heavy, NulumiaBase 1.7 is all about consistency, uniformity, and polish.
This release focuses heavily on streamlining the Xenforo appearance -- virtually no small corner, tab or menu has been left untouched -- bringing much greater consistency to your forum when using a Nulumia style.

In addition, 1.7 does bring several new features, including FontAwesome Rich Text Editor, full style support for the Xenforo Resource Manager, Side by Side Node style improvements, and improved mobile message layouts!


September 12th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.6.1

NulumiaBase Changes
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-7-1
    • Added support for Sunka Staff BBcodes for the FontAwesome rich text editor
    • Added style support for Featured Resources on the main Resources listing page
    • Added new option to set max Featured Resource rows (available via Resource Manager property group)
    • Moved Enable Edge Effects feature from DarkTabbed theme into all gaming themes
    • Further synchronized text headings and correctly pointing to H3 properties
    • Added new properties to handle the Navigation Sidebar, such as on profile and help pages
    • Fixed a bug where delete rows and download buttons would display with incorrect styles on Resource pages
    • Corrected several text and border colors on help pages
    • Improved spacing around message content and quickreply areas on mobile
    • Extended full-width sticky sidebar on mobile to Resources sidebar
    • Optimized code handling of responsive & sticky sidebar
    • Optimized new system for handling splitCtrl arrows in the navigation buttons, removed legacy Xenforo attributes where hover/select on popup tabs would cause flickering colors
    • Fixed incorrect colors on the Help - Smilies page
    • Improved handling of the messageSimple element across profile, resources and comment pages

      Mod Related
    • Extended FontAwesome support to DragonByte Tech's Shoutbox mod
    • Added new properties and better support for XenPorta 2 article pages and comment sections

  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-7
    • Added new FontAwesome based Rich Text Editor (available via [Nulumia] Fonts & icons property group)
    • Added full style compatibility with Xenforo Resource Manager
      • Added Resource Manager property group
      • Synchronized rows, content areas, sidebar widgets, forms and other elements with standard Xenforo properties
    • Added further support for sticky nav & modbar fix on iOS devices when entering the text editor
    • Sticky nav and modbar now disappear when adding comments on reports pages
    • Go to Top button now disappears when entering the text editor on mobile
    • Improved Side by Side Nodes handling and compatibility
    • Added new style handling for attachments, upload and form styling
      • Added Attachments property group
      • Synchronized style of attachment forms between forum and Resource Manager image collections
      • Theme matched styling for upload meters
      • Fixed some incorrect border styles
    • Fixed a bug where the ticker would often start over before fully spanning across the header
    • Added new option to control spacing between sidebar and content (available via [Nulumia] Styles property group)
    • Unhooked dependancy between having Custom Background, Background Slideshow or Floating Content modes being enabled together to function (settings now take priority in order of being selected)
    • Added more support for Global Border Radius setting (set via [Nulumia] Styles property group)
    • Removed unnecessary CSS styling for ticker elements
    • Added fallback Jquery handling for the ticker system, prevents incorrect animation glitches
    • Added automatic consistency matching between sidebar headings and other similar headings (blog, profile, resources, etc)

      Header & Navigation
    • Refined new system to measure and calculate height of header elements, now adds more flexibility for custom header layouts, larger logos, added content, and responsive / window resizing adjustments
    • Removed slight right-padding on visitor tab FontAwesome icons
    • FontAwesome visitor tab icons now hold active color state when on selected page (Account, Inbox, etc)
    • Added better handling for splitCtrl arrows in navigation tabs when Use Whole Nav Tab to Trigger Menus option is disabled. Nav tabs now automatically increase padding to better fit dropdown arrows

      Profile & Account
    • Drastically refined styling of content, elements and layout on Profile and Account pages
    • Reduced padding in tabs
    • Synchronized styling of profile tabs across all other tab instances for better consistency
    • Added new custom property for account page sectionMain area
    • Moved numerous profile page CSS entries from znlgaming.css into znlbase.css (now affects all styles)
    • Added new properties for custom handling of profile content areas
    • Refined styling of member title/info container
    • Matched sidebar widgets and headings with main Xenforo sidebar styling
    • Refined mismatched font sizes and colors within the profile sidebar
    • Refined styling of content layouts under all tabbed pages (Profile Posts, Recent Activity, Postings, etc)
    • Fixed incorrect borders on numerous profile content areas
    • Fixed incorrect styling on "Interact" popups and comment inputs
    • Added new properties to control Item Count elements within sidebar widgets (such as Following and Followers widget)
    • Added more support for custom nlSideBarBlock property to more sidebar widget styles for better consistency

      Forum & Discussion Lists
    • Added node icon wrapper box for widget type pages
    • improved handling and layout of node category descriptions
    • Fixed a bug where mod control panels would cut off input hover shadows
    • Improved style & position handling of options panel handle below discussion lists
    • Improved property and color handling of Node titles and Discussion list titles, unhooked properties into separate property calls (can now be styled independently, use matched styling by default)
    • Added new properties for all row-type elements which are intended to use the Discussion List Item row style as example. Discussion List Item styling is now applied theme-wide to all similar elements (comment rows, search results, resource rows, etc) for better consistency
    • Added better handling of Avatar Container, Last Post, Discussion List Stats and other listBlock elements in forum and discussion rows. Styling is now synchronized to share same properties (Forum Rows, Resource Rows, Discussion List Rows) for better consistency

    • Fixed a bug where the slider would have incorrect padding when on mobile
    • Added foundational code for upcoming PrettySlider feature
    • Added new option for control button glow effects

    • Added property for controlling heading tags within the footer
    • Fixed a bug where certain footer links would not inherit hover styles
    • Unhooked block headings from column heading styles (can now be styled independently)
    • Added new Footer Headings property via [Nulumia] Footer Settings group
    • Streamlined font color inheritance of footer text, links and column list links

    • Fixed an incorrect border color when viewing polls on mobile
    • Synched styling of Share Page bar at bottom of thread pages
    • Added new flexbox grid-style layout for mobile private/public links for drastically better appearance
    • Enhanced contrast of private/public hover links when button style option is enabled
    • Enhanced appearance of quickreply area, buttons layout
    • Fixed incorrect signature area border

    • Fixed incorrect property call syntax for several entries in znlbase.css and znlgaming.css
    • Removed a deprecated Style Property and other CSS entries
    • Added more usage of global border radius setting
    • Matched styling of discussion and list rows across all pages (Resource items, search results, etc)
    • Fixed an incorrect border color and enhanced appearance of table control columns
    • Matched breadcrumb call to action button with height of breadcrumb
    • Added style support for error popups
    • Reduce padding and improve appearnce of jump menu
    • Organized custom sectionMain properties into their respective groups
    • Fixed incorrect border colors on form pages
    • Fixed spacing issue between form control buttons and content
    • Fixed a bug where visitor panel would collapse behind avatar and content
    • Matched styling between Error popup forms and other form type overlays
    • Improved CSS handling of breadcrumb appearance
    • Matched sizing of select and text inputs
    • Improved spacing of jumpmenu FontAwesome icon in breadcrumb
    • Improved handling of all button styles (spacing, padding, alignment, etc), synchronized styling between all button types
    • Improved styling of tooltips and preview popups
    • Fixed a padding issue in certain dropdown menus
    • Streamlined theme-wide font sizes and consistency
    • Cleaned up styling on member card popups
    • Theme matched colors for auto-complete dropdown menus
    • Fixed a bug where prefix items within thread or resource titles would break the input into two lines
    • Moved CSS handling of tables from znlgaming.css into znlbase.css (now affects all styles)
    • Aligned breadcrumb to top of pages when breadcrumb is the first element on the page (removed top padding)
    • Synchronized styling of heading rows across different elements (form popups, page headings, categoryStrip, error popups, Resource Manager, XenPorta 2, etc)
    • Fixed a bug where the modbar Reports indicator would have incorrect border color
    • Removed color entry from all heading tags (allows specific colors to override like normal)
    • Fixed inconsistent padding, backgrounds and borders of various containers and headings in popup overlay forms and Jump Menu
    • Added support for hover transition effects to more elements
    • Added new property handling and fixed incorrect styling of avatar and Resource icon upload forms

      Mod Related
    • Fix incorrect thread options button on banlist
    • Fixed an issue where Original Poster banner would not align with avatar
    • Fixed a bug where an incorrect call to XenFacil Footer property would display an error when debug mode is enabled
    • Drastically refined styling of content on Blog pages
    • Added new Blog properties under Blogs property group
    • Fixed incorrect/default styling and improved appearance of blog category pages
    • Fixed margin of blog listing items
    • Applied a max-length "..." text cutoff for blog titles within sidebar widgets for better appearance
    • Added better consistency between Visitor Panel across forum home and blog sidebar
    • Fixed bug with larger than normal buttons on XenPorta 2 pages
    • Improved appearance of Nobita Banlist page
    • Improved About Us page styling
    • Fixed some incorrect border colors on Calendar page
Theme Changes
  • Added new optional header featured video system
  • Added further responsive layout improvements for handling the header ticker, video, visitor tabs and other aspects when using various header configurations. Now uses conditional logic to tweak element positioning in the header depending on user settings used
  • Fixed a bug where the navigation search bar would display incorrectly during certain configurations
  • Added new mobile message layout - improved spacing, reduced padding around post and reply elements
  • Enlarged user info container on thread pages, added spacing to content
  • Fixed position of online indicator, Official Poster banner in user info container
  • Applied a very slight color filter to all gray theme elements (grays now have a slight blue tint in the default theme, tint will change accordingly when using the Color Palette slider)
  • Checked all external image & wallpaper calls to use SSL urls
  • improved handling of tables
  • Improved appearance of member popup card and border
  • Improved appearance of calendar elements, fixed an incorrect border color
  • Slightly improved appearance of breadcrumb
  • Further improved contrast between content and dimmed text colors
  • Improved appearance of form edit profile pages and register page
  • Enhanced color of hover/active visitor tabs
  • Visitor tab icons now keep active color when on selected pages
  • Streamlined text size across theme
  • Improve appearance of slider control button row
  • Added Edge Highlight effects on several elements
  • Fixed a bug where disabled buttons had different size than regular buttons
  • Enhanced contrast of thread stats/icon containers on discussion list pages
  • Enhanced appearance of preview tooltips
  • Tweaked responsive CSS values to only fire when responsive mode is active
  • Cleaned all calls to deprecated theme images
  • Fixed incorrect property call syntax for several entries in znlstyle.css
  • Improved handling of category node descriptions
  • Enhanced the appearance of page body Notices
  • Fixed a bug where the Discussion List Options handle would be positioned incorrectly
  • Tweaked the appearance of menu headers
  • Fixed a bug where in certain color variation themes the navtabs would have an incorrect border color
  • Matched styling between category node descriptions and sticky / normal thread separators
  • Restyled the mini calendar
  • Added new enhanced Complex Bit graphics surrounding nodes on the main forum view
  • Fixed a bug where the background sidebars in the orange color variation would have the default blue color
  • Fixed a bug where the Jump Menu icon would have incorrect spacing in the breadcrumb
  • Fixed a bug where the footer top row callout would have incorrect text color
  • Improved CSS handling of the header elements, size, height spacing etc
  • Improved contrast of text-shadow on selected nav tabs, removed a hardcoded color
  • Fixed incorrect styling for select input elements
  • Added new optional default Destiny parallax footer banner
  • Switched all alt image sprites to CSS gradient based
  • Streamlined font styles across various heading elements
  • Fixed a bug where the mobile quicksearch would prevent visitor tab links from being selected
  • Switched to flexible CSS based navtabs, removed fixed image based tab system
  • Hooked all mobile styling to Xenforo Responsive Design properties instead of fixed widths
  • Improved the spacing around content on various responsive views
  • Fixed spacing issue around quicksearch bar
  • Style polishing on the Calendar mod page
  • Fixed a bug where subtab links would hit edge of page when on mobile
  • Added radial-gradient effect to footer
  • Added optional carbon-fiber texture overlay to footer columns layout (available via [Nulumia] Footer Settings property group
  • Fixed a bug where the XenPorta 2 feature slider progress bar would show incorrect color

File Cleanup

Existing users may safely delete the following legacy files which have been deprecated:


A reminder on upgrading..

As always, you should install your theme in a parent-child configuration to safely receive upgrades. Never overwrite your only existing copy of your style, unless you absolutely know what you are doing!

In order to place your theme in a parent-child configuration, install the theme as normal, then deactivate it from user selection. Next, create a new child-style with your original theme as the parent. Then, make all customizations in your child-style, and set it to user selection. Only ever upgrade your hidden, parent style during upgrades.

Q: Is DarkTabbed coming to Xenforo 2?
A: Yes!
Headquarters theme is now available in orange color!

Feel free to check out the demo over at:

July 17 2017 | Theme Version 1.6.0

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:

July 17th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.6.0
  • Improved contrast between dimmed, muted and faint text colors
  • Added coloration to links on hover
  • Adjusted link color to lessen contrast
  • Added main theme color to page titles
  • Merged all outdated templates
  • Improved internal template handling (NulumiaBase Framework)
  • Updated Dragonbyte Tech Shout templates
  • Fixed a bug where Go to Top button wouldn't appear
  • Enhanced readability of breadcrumb text colors
  • Significantly improved layout and overall appearance of thread view on mobile
  • Enhanced styling to dropdown menu headers
  • Added spacing around page layout while on mobile
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-5
    • Added CSS Ticker system (available via [Nulumia] Ticker Settings group)
    • Added Go to Top feature (available via [Nulumia] Theme Settings group)
    • Fixed a bug where slideshow captions would collapse behind bottom controls
    • Fixed a bug where Profile page tabs wouldn't align correctly
    • Fixed a bug where the Profile -> Information tab content wouldn't align correctly
    • Deprecated some outdated and unused CSS entries, moved others into Style Properties
    • Added new Header Height setting to Header & Navigation group
    • Added new Style Properties for Tags, removed hardcoded styling
    • Added new Style Property for the Nulumia Top Bar
    • Added new Style Property for the subnav tab links
    • Moved the header login button out of the login form and into the top bar
    • Unfixed the Top Bar height, now can expand on mobile views (The new Ticker drops down by default below the social links when on small screens)
    • Added compatibility for legacy iOS devices when posting or replying (fixed a bug where sticky elements would cover the text editor)
    • Fixed a bug which clipped some content in long dropdown menus
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-4
    • Added matching editor icons for XenGallery, DBTech Credits and Staff BBcodes
    • Added improved styling for Bookmarks by Xon addon (affects both listings and tabs)
    • Fixed a bug where usernames would overlap onto next line on mobile User Profile pages
    • Fixed a bug where Sticky Sidebar would sometimes overlap on XFA Members Map addon
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling -- sidebars will now only activate sticky function if the main page content is larger than the height of the sidebar (helps prevent sidebar from breaking on "short" pages)
    • Added improved positioning for Original Poster Highlight banner
    • Fixed incorrect border colors on sidebar widget for bd Medals addon (when viewing user profile page)
    • Added improved styling for Post Areas addon
    • Added improved styling for DBTech Donations addon (fixes incorrect border color around content areas)
    • Added new Style Property group - [Nulumia] Addon Compatibility.
    • Added option to disable XenMoods banners on mobile sized screens
  • Slightly reduced h3 tag font sizes for better appearance
  • Slightly improved padding/container positioning around avatar holder areas
  • Fixed matching border color around Likes container when reading threads
  • Added visibility for subforums when on mobile view
  • Added new expansive header system via JQuery, removed header height fixed values
  • Improved visibility of sticky/normal thread separators
  • Improved contrast between dimmed, muted and faint text properties
  • Moved loginbar handler out of the loginbar form when the topbar is being used
  • Fluid width theme code and image handling improved, deprecated some unneeded CSS entries
  • Improved appearance of Article Listings when using XenPorta 2 Pro
  • Deprecated unneeded CSS entries
June 15th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.5.8
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-3
    • Added FontAwesome icon support to public/private links in threads
    • Added optional styling (via Style Properties) to public/private links in threads
    • Added force override option for public/private links to inherit global button style
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling
    • Upgraded to support Xenforo 1.5.14
    • Fixed a bug which caused delayed color transitions when hovering over FontAwesome icons
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-2
    • Added Sticky Mod Bar feature
    • Added Sticky Navigation feature
    • Improved Sticky Sidebar handling
    • Fixed a bug where Sticky Sidebar would overlap Slider when slider was set to full width / above forum
    • Moved handling of Sticky features from CSS to javascript. Sticky Mod/Nav/Sidebar can each be enabled or disabled separately, and will work together depending on the configuration
    • Minified js/nulumia/ files
    • Improved responsive handling of Mod Bar (removed fixed height)
    • Sticky elements now position accordingly when Mod Bar is stretched larger with many items
    • Deprecated several outdated CSS entries / consolidated into Style Properties
    • Moved forum row / forum row:hover properties from Nulumia Styles to Node Listing group
    • Added new Style Properties for Discussion List Items with hover states (can now be styled separately than forum_list appearance)
    • Added mousever effects to both forum rows and discussion list items
    • Added new Style Properties for Sticky threads (can now be styled separately / highlighted than regular list items)
    • Changed all Social Icons to open in new tab
    • Added option to add rel="nofollow" or rel="me" tags to social links
    • Added open in new tab to sample external links in footer
    • Fixed incorrect Node icon colors
    • Improved titles of unread/red node icon Properties
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-1
    • Improved handling of Sticky Sidebar when Slider - Full Width Below Navigation mode is enabled
    • Fixed an issue where CSS would not fully render when using certain caching environments
    • Deprecated several CSS entries
    • Added Style Property customization to Browser Scrollbar colors
  • Upgraded NulumiaBase to v1-6-0
    • Added support for theme-styled browser scrollbars when using WebKit browsers (Chrome, Opera etc) (further browsers, and color customization via Style Properties coming soon)
    • Added framework for hiding slider on mobile devices (feature not yet active)
    • Added framework for home feature boxes (feature not yet active)
    • Added Style Properties for HTML <h> tags
    • Unhooked footer block <h3> tabs from taking column title styles (individual styling coming soon)
  • Improved appearance of overlay masks and member card
  • Improved handling of header and nav elements during fluid and responsive views
  • Reduced and deprecated outdated theme images and CSS properties
  • Improved handling of subnav links
  • Improved range of @primary and @secondary colors for better readability
  • Improved handling of theme sideblock styles for certain widgets
  • Compressed several theme images for faster loading
May 10th, 2017 | Theme Version 1.5.7