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Beta Group Moderators 1.0.3

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Give moderators or normal users an extra permission so they can manage member groups. This way they can view, add and remove members from a specific group.

Normally, only the admin can add/remove members to groups. On large forums, this can be a pain and you may want to give this permission to other moderators er even some special users. That is exactly what this addon does.

  • Copy the directory upload\library from the archive to your forum directory \library
  • From the admin panel, import the the file "addon-NixFifty_GroupModerators.xml"
Known issues
  • Do not create a new group AND at the same time add a group moderator. This will give the error "Mysqli statement execute error : Column 'group_id' cannot be nul". You can create a new group, save it, and then edit the group to add a group moderator.
  • I don't know what happens when you have thousands of users assigned to a group. Not sure if this is manageable.

This was a private & paid addon which has been developed by NixFifty on my request. I decided to share this for free with permission from NixFifty. If someone would like to improve this addon, please do and share!


Add a group moderator to an existing group. This can be any user. You can also add multiple users:

The new group moderator can now see the groups in his own control panel:

The group moderator can now manage this group by viewing / adding / removing users:
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