GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

GeSHi Syntax Highlighter 1.3.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
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This is a GeSHi based syntax highlighter that intercepts CODE, HTML and PHP BBCode and formats them to be "pretty".

  • Put the contents of the library directory into your XenForo library directory.
  • Install the addon-dpSyntaxHighlighter.xml file in your Admin Control Panel -> Install Add-on option.
  • For PHP and HTML highlighting, nothing special is needed, just use the normal [php] and [html] BBCode.
  • If you want to specify a specific language to highlight, you can use the [code] BBCode with an option like so: [code=javascript]
  • All languages that GeSHi supports are supported (currently 220).
  • There is one option that is added to the "Messages" section of XenForo options. (Show Line Numbers In Parsed BBCode)

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4.69 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Adds support for languages in editor dialog

    Using GeSHi's get_language_name() method to get the language as a string meant for humans (was...
  2. Updated for XenForo 1.2

    Updated for XenForo 1.2 (requires 1.2 or higher) Updated to latest version of GesSHi (

Latest reviews

Nice but no way to add options to the drop down menu? It's like having a very nice car and hiding it in the garage.
Could be better with some options to add and remove languages from the editor's select input, but otherwise it is a great addon to a forum related to coding.
Great for programming sites. Only thing is that it's not used enough on my site because there isn't a way to add more common codes to the drop down list so people either don't know or forget this feature. Hoping for continued development and support.
Great feature. Works as described. He also provided additional support for modifying the drop down box. If you run any sort of programming community, I recommend this as "mandatory mod"
Excellent integration of GeSHi. I'm loving this! Totally essential for sharing codes or discussing parts of certain codes.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to develop this!
Love this add-on, it is an essential one for software development forums like mine. Even supports Progress 4GL/ABL!
Fantastic for my coding-board :)
Does the job as listed on the tin. :)
works perfectly
This addon is invaluable to my community. Even though it's simply an improvement over existing XF features, my forums would be much more difficult to view and help people. As my members are always using the code tags.

Plus with some quick help, I was able to tweak it so the basic code tags used a specific language syntax by default. Which was a massive improvement over at my forum. No longer needed the notice to tell everyone to use code=csharp. =D