French Language - XenForo 2 (By FREE

Unmaintained French Language - XenForo 2 (By FREE 2.0.1

No permission to download
Despite providing XF token, there is no download available. (Author seems busy)
I won't donate for this ressource. Better check the other FR translation availale for 5 €
Sorry for the delay, but with my job I try to answer as quickly as possible. For your remark, I answered you directly on xenTrad.
First they ask you to register to THEIR own website, then they ask you to validate your xenforo license or THEIR website (?????), then, you need to be manually validated on their ghost-town website, this shouldn't be allowed AT ALL...
Hello, sorry all these manipulations but all this is for limited that the translations are available everywhere on the web.

The checks are made as quickly as possible. I would like to remind you that the translations are done on free time and that we ask no cents, just a simple property check of xenforo license.

it's not free.... because u need to sign up...... after that when the account been activated u still can't download the resource.....
You must validate your xenforo license to download the various translations, simply!

Have a good day and have a great year!