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Free Mobile Apps for XenForo with Addon/Theme Support, Android & iPhone 2.1.2

Boost member activity, Drive more traffic, Preserve your custom add-ons, ads, and themes, Free

  1. turnkeymobileapps
    With These Apps, You Can
    • Boost member activity with quick posting and push alerts
    • Drive traffic from social media into your forum with in-app sharing
    • Preserve your investment in custom plugins, styles, ads and SSO/user bridges
    • Provide an app branded with your custom logo and colors
    • List forums restricted by usergroup, without the potential risks in an API

    Free Mobile Apps "FMA"
    is the free equivalent of Turnkey Mobile Apps "TMA". FMA is dedicated to your forum and always free; it will never be removed by us.

    It is not a demo, and has most features of the premium version, with inline affiliate linking, outbound link affiliation, and non-intrusive sponsored listings to cover your costs.

    Support is provided in the help center.

    Who Can Use the Free Apps?
    • Forum has 300+ members
    • Forum is based in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia or New Zealand
    • Forum is NOT about PC/console gaming, sports, sex, religion, or gambling
    • Forum does NOT use Viglink (or Skimlinks)
    • Forum is NOT private (doesn't require a login to view most content)
    Note: If your community hosts or links to illegal content (i.e. torrents and warez), it will *always* be rejected.

    The approval rate is 83% (last updated Sep 6). Most restrictions do not apply to the paid tier, and you are welcome to use that app instead, or an alternative app.

    How to Start

    Register your forum for the apps here. We will review your application, and if accepted, send a login to create your apps. If you have any private questions, send them to order@turnkeymobileapps.com.

    There is limited concurrent capacity due to the manual work involved in processing applications and publishing apps, and this increases the time needed; registrations are processed in the order they are received.


Recent Reviews

  1. x8BiTw0LFx
    Version: 2.1.1
    Turnkey is the absolute source for making your forum into an app!
    No problems at all and very good support - even though it is free.
    Marvelous just marvelous!
  2. dutchbb
    Version: 2.1.1
    Members were asking this for a while and are very happy with this app. Especially that we can provide it for free to them is something they like.
  3. Shiro
    Version: 1.2.55
    I am extremely happy with the applications that were created for Kinmunity and the level of support I have received, especially considering this is a free resource. If you want to offer a mobile application to your users that respects their privacy (unlike some competitors), this is the way to go!