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Unmaintained FractalizeR: Joomla Kunena 3.x importer 1.0

Imports users, usergroups, private messages, avatars, forums, threads, posts, attachments...

  1. Vladislav Rastrusny
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    This is an importer for Kunena 3 (Joomla-based forum system). It currently imports the following from Kunena and Joomla itself:
    • Users. All Joomla users are imported into XenForo.
      • User passwords are NOT imported yet. Instead, at the last step importer allows you to send password reset emails to all migrated users. Each user gets email with a new password for forum.
    • Usergroups. All Joomla usergroups are imported into XenForo.
      • Usergroups are imported with "Kunena" prefix at the title
      • Import is done without any matching with XenForo usergroups. Just import.
      • Usergroup-to-user relations are imported, however, permissions are NOT imported.
    • Private messages. All Joomla private messages are imported into XenForo
      • Private messages are imported as separate conversation each
    • Avatars. All user avatars are imported into XenForo.
      • An option is provided to fetch Gravatar for those, who doesn't have any avatar setup.
    • Forums and categories. All forums and categories are imported into XenForo
      • Forum and category hierarchy is respected
    • Threads & posts. All threads and posts are imported into XenForo
    • Attachments. All attachments are imported into XenForo.
    • Likes. All Kunena thanks are imported into XenForo as likes.

    What important is known as NOT imported:
    • Polls are not imported.
      • If someone knows how do you find out which user eactly voted for which option in which poll, I will add this feature.
    • Permissions are NOT imported yet.
      • You will have to manually set anything related to that including board administrator properties.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jeff Ripley
    Jeff Ripley
    Version: 1.0
    worked fairly well, lost about 20% of my members. there was 2 minor mistakes in the importer.