[Foro.agency] πŸ”₯ User groups icons : add a FontAwesome icon in front of usernames πŸ”₯

[Foro.agency] πŸ”₯ User groups icons : add a FontAwesome icon in front of usernames πŸ”₯ 1.0.7

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[Foro.agency] πŸ”₯ Usergroup icon in front of username πŸ”₯

This addon allows you to set a user group FontAwesome icon in front of usernames.

βœ… Add any FontAwesome icon for a user group
βœ… Support for spinning by adding 'fa-spin' in the user group icon text box (doc)
βœ… Resize the icon by adding FontAwesome size in the user group icon text box : eg. fa-2x, fa-3x, fa-4x, fa-5x (doc)
βœ… Rotate icons using fa-rotate-* and fa-flip-* tags (doc)


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Latest updates

  1. Bug fix

    Fix a bug where usergroup icon wasn't "rich" on member view's h1.
  2. Bug fix

    This release fix a bug where user group icons where not showing up after any XenForo upgrade...
  3. Bug fixes

    Fix an issue where the FA ICON changes was not saved in some cases. Thanks @bangsters for the...

Latest reviews

I installed this plugin and doesn't work unfortunately. I have asked for support on their official support forum and here without succes. They seem to not care about faults. Asked for a refund but still haven't received a response. Very poor service and don't recommend anyone buying this. It's a shame, since this plugin is what I need. Hope to see decent service soon or at least a refund.
Hello, we are working for a solution. Don't worry, the addon is working on many forums right now so we will make it work on your's !