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Flat Awesome - PixelExit.com 1.5.20

No permission to download
Good theme, didn't realize before downloading that my version is 1.5.15 and the supported version is 1.5.14, so I edited the theme and finished before realizing that there's no input box for new threads.
That shouldn’t make a difference and isn’t causing the issue with no input boxes. If you want to respond to the support thread with your issue and screenshots I can take a look.
Wonderful style. I have but only one complaint. I found no option to disable the social media buttons on the top right. The facebook, titter, youtube, and google icons are stuck up there. Very annoying since I don't use them.
Check the FAQ, first question :), you can just remove the contents completely.
Simple but perfect, I like this style. And more important, it's free. And it has dark style too. Thanks.
clean, fast, light and FontAwesome fuelled. The 'text based logo' is a very nice trick. I recommend it!
Theme looks cool and simple! Love it. Playing around with the options to figure the best color for my forum.
I've got the paid version. I actually screwed up the update to 1.5.9 and Russ sorted me out yesterday. Can't ask for a better dev or better set of features. Highly recommend you guys jump on the paid version.
if you want to see it in all its glory check out my site http://unitedstreamers.net
New site, haven't changed the light or dark colors, but have done a few template/plugin modifications.
Thanks :), the paid version is here : https://xenforo.com/community/resources/flat-awesome-pixelexit-com.4706/ but I appreciate the review :), site looks great as is and best of luck with it!
This is the best Xenforo style for me. I like it better than paid Adara style from PixelExit. It's very fast and easy to look at.
Thanks for the kind words :)
In my opinion the best style which is available at the moment, the design looks very nice and clean. The mobile version also works great. :D I recommend to use this style. Also I'm thinking of buying the Premium version, just for the developer! -> Great job!

My site, so you can see how I customize the style: http://cabconmodding.com/
A great free style. Just purchased branding free to pay some for it. I have spent some time modifying it to my needs and it will soon be the only style on my forum. I think it is a good thing that it is not reliant on an add on like my last UI.X style.
Looking back a realized I never reviewed this theme (our current theme). I LOVE it. It's incredibly fast, free, and looks fantastic. Russ also helped with a custom footer for a very reasonable price, and I couldn't be happier with this theme or his help. :)

A really great style from the folks at Pixel Exit. Russ and Steve F have not only released this for free, but they back it up with First Class support. If you don't believe me, read the Discussion thread from front to back. This style is really good looking, and with a few tweaks in the Color Palette and a couple of hacks in EXTRA.css, you'll have this looking like a slick, custom style in no time. Thanks very much, guys!
It's beautiful, simple and clean style. It's my favorite xenforo style. Responsive, fast load, customizable. And just one little link on footer of your forum. Great work guys.
Thanks Roberto! Remember too you can get it removed by purchasing branding removal here: https://pixelexit.com/xenforo-styles/branding-removal-free-styles-only.13/
What can I say that hasn't already been said?! Clean, crisp, easy-modding colors, and did I mention it's FREE?! Purchased the branding-free because I felt bad NOT paying for this great style!
Thanks for your support Rusty, let me know what else I can do to knock that 4 star to a 5 star :D
love this theme. Better then most paid themes. Its easy on the eyes and easy to customize. If it was paid I would have prob already purchased this theme from you.
Thanks Deathstarr :), there will be a paid version very soon which unlocks all of our XenBase Framework features :D
Wonderful, perfect, excellent, beautiful, but how I get this grey-black bar at header and footer away? I cannot found any style sheat to set at display:none ...
Check out Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Properties, clear the Top/Bottom help CSS from each property. Thanks for the review :)
I love this style and my upcoming conversion from vb is going to be based on it. Loads fast, great and responsive and so easy to get the colour scheme right. Thanks a lot for this great style!
You guys are awesome ! Such a perfect theme and free. Simple theme, good customized, and easy to read, makes it the best template for my forum. Thank you =)
What a great theme from pixelExit!
We've been looking for something to replace the theme we first converted to XF with for awhile now and this seems to be the one. My members love it - can't believe this is free. Purchased branding free as a token of appreciation. Thanks guys!
Excellent clean style. Easy to change colors. Did I mention it's free? Yes, it's free. I could adjust it to my liking without too much trouble. Excellent resource for everyone.
Awesome style. Flat doesn't always look great, and not a lot of people like the design style, but this looks amazing. Definitely one of the best free styles I've seen.