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Flat Awesome Dark - PixelExit.com 1.5.20

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Wow Flat Awesome Dark is a fantastic looking Style! Loads fast and is simple to modify! Works great with XenPorta 2 and I have a lot of other addons!
Great dark style. I really appreciate anyone taking the time to make free addons/styles for XF. Reminds me of better days with vB. There are some small visual quirks throughout the site, but they can be easily fixed with minimal CSS adjustments.
Just as awesome as Flat Awesome. Thank you so much for releasing a dark version. It has everything that the light version offers and is a perfect compliment to the light version.
This is a very nice theme. It works well with a custom wallpaper and the colour palette is easy to manage. The author is also very helpful. Well done.
Thanks for the review, I appreciate it :) and glad you're liking the style!