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Flat Awesome Dark - PixelExit.com 1.5.20

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No, this is not built on our XenBase framework which provides the foundation for all those edits.

To edit the text logo simply go to Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Properties -> Edit the text. It's split into two parts to add the color effect. If you want just a plain color remove the text from the Logo Text(Colored) and put your text inside just Logo Text.

You can also edit the color via: Logo Text CSS(left column) or the "Logo Text Color(Second Part)" right beneath where you put your text.

Finally you can also disable the text logo and use an image by unchecking "Use Text Based Logo" and uploading your logo to /styles/flatawesomedark/xenforo/ then adjust the height via: Style Properties -> Header and Navigation.

Head to Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Properties -> Background Top/Bottom Helper on the left column, you can adjust the height/background-color/or remove the css to disable them

Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Properties -> To host locally simply check the box then you can leave the directory or change it. Additionally you can change what CDN you want to use by setting the CDN path.

Initially the style is using google web fonts(Open Sans), you can disable the web fonts completely and put your normal font in the Primary/Secondary Font such as:
'Trebuchet MS',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif
Primary font controls the general font of the body, secondary controls headers such as navigation, sidebar headings and forum categories.

Additionally you can easily adjust the forum font size using the two properties given beneath the web fonts. It's broken into two sizes, small and large. Large covers areas such as navigation, sidebar headings and forum headers.

By default I've hard-coded many of the icons, but some of the generic and ones you may want to change have been put into the Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Properties -> (at the bottom). To change them just replace the Font Awesone icon code with the one you want.

I know this is the question everyone is dieing to ask, purchase branding removal! Branding Removal (FREE STYLES ONLY) 1.0 | Pixel Exit - XenForo Styles and Add-ons It helps support the style and allows you to remove our branding at the bottom.

Simply go to Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Properties -> Check "Flat Awesome Branding Removal"