[FC] MailChimp Integration

Beta [FC] MailChimp Integration 0.9

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Additional requirements
PHP 5.3+
MailChimp Account
Updates duration
1 Year
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We know how much love you have for XenForo (so do we) but we also understand with fast changing demands of this connected world, big data, sharing your user's email and information with your favorite email marketing solution like MailChimp can be hassle and bit of troublesome.

That encouraged us to craft this powerful integration between these two amazing platforms. This addon will allow you to connect your XenForo 2.x Forum with your MailChimp effortlessly. We've created this addon with tremendous research into the requirements and use cases for such integration. The result product is a powerful and flexible addon. Starting from basic requirements like creating a new user on MailChimp when an account is created on XenForo to advance use cases like Email updates by user, everything is managed in this integration for you. So you just have to set it and forget it.


Some of the prominent features of this addon are listed below:
  • Powerful plugin options for integrating Mailchimp
  • XenForo Custom Fields Mapping with Mailchimp Merge tags
  • Basic XenForo's user profile Mapping with Mailchimp fields
  • Syncing User's data during registration
  • Option to bulk sync users from Admin panel
  • Flexible user filtration/criteria for bulk syncing
  • User custom field for subscribe and unsubscribe
  • and so much more:
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