Unmaintained EU-GPDR 1.0.2

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
Additional requirements
Minimum requirements: xenForo 1.5.21
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
Not without some pride we present the first xendach add-on for the xenForo 1.5.21 or higher. In this add-on we try to combine various legal requirements and make them available in one product.

  • Areas for legally required information
  • Modular system for data protection declaration management
  • Optional options for users below the legal minimum age
  • Data protection compliant social media button (Shariff)
  • Changes to the database that can be executed from the ACP
The area of legally required information offers:
  • About us
  • Imprint
  • Terms of use
  • Data protection declaration
  • Using cookies
  • Sending e-mails
  • Underage users
  • General Terms and Conditions of Business
  • Right of revocation
  • Two areas for independent content of your own
Each area can be edited comfortably in the ACP (monolingual) or made available by the offered phrases (multilingual) via an HTML-suitable text field. The area of the data protection declaration is filled by the construction kit. To comply with further legal requirements, these areas are also available when the forum is switched off and when the software is updated.

As tools, we offer both an SQL toolbox with which changes can be made to the settings of registered users before a renewed confirmation of terms of use or data protection declaration occurs, as well as extensive functions for the use of data protection-compliant social media buttons.

The construction kit, with which you can easily create and manage your own data protection declaration, offers dozens of independent text modules, which can also be edited conveniently in the ACP (monolingual) or made available by the offered phrases (multilingual). For many of the areas of the construction kit, we provide text modules that are intended to serve as text examples. Since we are not legal advisors, we cannot assume any liability for the legal security of the data protection declaration. Every user should be aware of this!

For future versions, extensions are planned both in the modular area and completely new functions such as evaluations in list form via the reconfirmed terms of use or data protection declarations.

This add-on does not require a subscription-based renewal for access and/or support.

The addon is currently aimed at a German-speaking community, but due to the phrases it can also be used internationally. however, the English information for the master language package is currently being revised, because mostly are very short at the moment. :)

Screenshots (only German)

General Options

Examples of the SQL Toolbox (To make granular changes to the database so that existing members can also be adapted to the law)
003.png 004.png

Shariff-share buttons
005.png 006.png

Legal policy
007.png 008.png

Construction kit for the data protection declaration (with >50 areas and a lot of sample texts)

Legal policy - Frontend
010.png 012.png

Data protection declaration - Frontend (with sample texts - dozens of pages of text)
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