[Endless Horizon] Advanced Open Graph

Unmaintained [Endless Horizon] Advanced Open Graph 2.0.2

No permission to buy ($5.54)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.4, 1.5
Additional requirements
PHP 5.3.0+
ImageMagick PECL Extension (optional - if you don't have this, it will automatically fallback to PHP GD built-in library)
Each installation requires a separate license.
Updates duration
12 months (updates and support)
Visible branding
How to purchase?
Payment will be done through PayPal.Me (covered by PayPal Buyer/Seller Protection) but I'll have to manually confirm the payment before you can receive the installation file.
Depending on whether your PayPal account is verified or not, PayPal may hold your payment under review for a maximum of 24 hours.
The installation file will be sent to your PayPal's contact email address (if you want to use another email address, you may send me a conversation message before sending the payment).
Please note that by purchasing the add-on, you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

If you're looking for an instant payment solution, I apologize for the inconveniences. It's still currently being planned.

$5.54? Wasn't it $10.77?
Yes, the price had recently went down from $10.77 to $5.54 (11 Oct 2017 03:45 PM UTC +7). This will be the add-on's price from now on, for both new purchase and renewal.

Example of the ability to choose an image in Facebook:



First tweet used "summary" mode.
Second tweet used "summary_large_image" mode.
Third tweet used "player" mode.
The modes were automatically switched depending on the condition of the images and/or YouTube videos within the thread.

NEW! Video tags and Twitter's Player Card support:
facebook-video-2.png twitter-player-card.png

You can view more examples in this forum (some features may be disabled), then you can copy-paste link of the threads into Facebook Object Debugger, Twitter Card Validator and Pinterest's Rich Pin Validator to see the add-on in action.
Update: Unfortunately, Endless Horizon is currently shutdown. Support for this add-on is still available with the promised time. If you want some live examples anyway, feel free to send me a conversation message so that I can link you to some of my current customer's sites which I'm permitted to share.

Features (for more detailed description, scroll down to "Admin options" section):
  • Allow user to explicitly provide URL for the primary Open Graph image (access configurable with usergroup permissions).
  • Add extra article tags for threads (article:author and article:published_time). This can be helpful to extend support for Pinterest's Rich Pin.
  • Adds image attachments that were either embedded into posts with [ATTACH] or not as Open Graph image tags.
  • Adds images that were embedded into posts with [IMG] tag as Open Graph image tags.
  • Adds thumbnails of YouTube embeds as Open Graph image tags.
  • Adds og:video tags to allow Facebook to add a media player (support Twitter's Player Card).
  • Limit sourcing from an N amount of first posts within a thread (N is configurable).
  • Limit amount of URLs to add as Open Graph image tags.
  • Remove RegEx patterns from descriptions. There are some built-in patterns but you can define your own patterns as well.
  • Optionally add support for Twitter Cards (Twitter has their own exclusive markup tags).
  • Twitter Cards: Optionally try to use first poster's Twitter username for twitter:creator meta tag (if not found, fallback to default value, which is modifiable).
  • Combine 4 attachments into a single preview image (refer to screenshot). This feature has various crop mode (top left, center and no crop / zoom mode).
  • Optionally add white border into attachments to prevent Facebook and Twitter from cropping them in their site preview.
  • CDN support. By entering your CDN domain/path, you can make the add-on to automatically use your CDN domain/path whenever possible for Open Graph image tags.
  • Caching support. Smart Cache will cache content until the first N amount of first posts are modified or Admin CP options are updated.
Admin options:
admin-options-1.png admin-options-2.png admin-options-3.png

Special thanks:
  • Thanks to the Endless Horizon Team and members of the Endless Horizon Community for the support all these years!
  • Thanks to @rafass for the idea and initial funding of this add-on.
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  1. Updated to 2.0.2

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  2. Updated to 2.0.0

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  3. Updated to 1.7.3

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Latest reviews

Finding this add-on very time-saving! Sharing to facebook no longer involves uploading images manually. Thank you!
This is a really amazing Add-On. It works perfekt to post a thread with attachments to Facebook. Fast Support form the Coder !!
This plugin is just awesome and does what is promised.. great work from the developer... his support is good as well. The only thing I can get irritated on is the way you have to order the add-on it is a big turn off for me and frustrating when you want to get something and you have to go through tons of pages to find it!
Thank you for the review! I've been trying to think up some easier methods for customers to access downloads, and recently I've considered to send bulk mails which has direct link to the download page to customers. So hopefully that'll make it much easier.
Installed in my board running XF version 1.5 and everything is working absolutely perfect. This takes the sharing content experience to the next level. outstanding addon of a great developer. @BobbyWibowo is a perfectionist. TOP↑. Thank you. ★★★★★
Thank you for the kind review!