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Elegance 2.0.5

No permission to buy ($29.00)
Arty has been very helpful and I'm sure I've been very annoying. The themes are great & the support is too.
Just want to say Thanks again Arty for your great work.

Today I updated to newest version that you released today in your site. and I saw a great fix that I always was looking for :)

Great style, perfect updates, awesome developer, and a happy customer here ;)
Great theme, framework and designer. Fab support. Really nice improvement on the original Elegance. One feature that seems lacking though is no vector editor icons, which can be found in lots of other themes. Would love an update that includes that, as it would make it look so much better on high dpi screens.
Really nice style + A Perfect framework.

I always say, Support is more attractive than the work itself for me, and Arty perfectly supports (That is why I changed the style of my XF, which was my favorite style).

Tons of features in new way, make it as easy as possible to reach what we need to customize the appearance.

Thanks Arty for your great work, and perfect support. Wish you the best.
The best Style Author.
Great design. Arty helps a lot for everything.
Professional , Clear , Modern :)
This is an awesome style with lots of great configuration options and great support by the developer.
Best Support ever! I just switched from Elegance 1 to Elegance 2 style and my members love it. The framework addon by Arty makes it absolutely easy to customise this style :) Keep up the good work.
A great theme! I love the fact that it's the best theme to work with in regards to loading the quickest - under 600 KB page size for index alone. Frequent updates and great support too!
The best Style Author!
Always listen what his costumers request.
I didn't experience this with some other Premium Theme authors.
Very well pleased with Arty.
Best support Ever!
and the most author that update premium style very quick! Thank you for your awesome themes Artodia!
Zero regrets I change into your premium style.
Keep up the good work!
Excited to see Elegance 100% based on FontAwesome :)
Very clean design ;)
Perfect, professional and easy customizable style with a lot of features. Very recommendable!
Excellent style & perfect support by Arty! Thank you :)
modern and elegant style!
I've just finished to customize the style to my needs and I'm really happy with the result. Just one thing, the style has many options which are really good, but it's a little hard to find them, may be a prefix would help. Thank you again for your work.
XenForo RM is missing a sixth star for such a style. Easy to configure & values the content more than style effects.
I love HD logo feature. There is useful tutorials for this style http://www.artodia.com/xenforo-tutorials/elegance-layout/
Amazing style
Exceptional. Best style that I've seen so far.