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Ebay Parser

Ebay Parser 2.1

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Ebay Parser v2.1 changes:

Updated PHP file.
Fixed issue dealing with User Group Permissions.
Ebay Parser v1.9 changes:

Added User Group Permissions.
Ebay Parser v1.8 changes:

Updated Regex code so modifier includes newlines.
Ebay Parser v1.7 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Ebay Parser v1.6 changes:

Improved PHP code.
Ebay Parser v1.5 changes:

Was calling _messagePreSave() as public now calling as protected.
Ebay Parser v1.4 changes:

Improved regex code so linked text with returns are converted properly.
Ebay Parser v1.3 changes:

Fixed regex so hyperlinked text will now be converted to affiliate link.
Ebay Parser v1.2 changes:

Fixed minor issue with regex. Multiple links on the same line were skipped.