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Unmaintained Easter Chicks and Sunny Daze Themes v1.1.3

Cute as a button Easter theme and fresh green everyday version for after the holidays!

  1. Kim
    Easter Chicks and Sunny Daze Twin Theme Pack. [​IMG]

    Easter Chicks is a cuteness overload Easter theme, featuring hand made little chicks and a fresh pastel color scheme, just right for Easter! Easter Chicks Demo

    Sunny Daze is the regular use version of the theme for the rest of the year! Parred back to a very usable fresh green and light blue theme, with a fun happy atmosphere.

    The themes ship together, and are great value for only $29 for the two pack, which includes 12 months of updates, and the very high quality Xenique Framework, which includes literally hundreds of new style properties and options, including collapse sidebar, collapse categories, different layouts, separate sticky posts etc way too many to list!


    Sunny Daze - Regular theme


    These themes are only available to purchase from Xenique!
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Recent Reviews

  1. DRE
    Version: v1.1.3
    Goorrrgeous darling
    1. Kim
      Author's Response
      Thank you darling.. thank you! *air smooch*