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Unmaintained [EAE] BumperRM 1.2.1

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Bumper RM v1.2.0 was an internal release only. This update includes 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 changes.

  • resource bumps per day permission is now a resource category permission. As a result of this change the Resource bumps per day permission needs to be set for each resource category that allows resources to be bumped. This adds more flexibility assigning bumps per day (see option below).
  • the info/feedback messages bumper RM generates now use the blockStatus classes for it's styling instead of using the blockMessage classes. This change makes bumper RM messages more subtle and less intrusive when viewing a resource category or resource. The templates changed are: eae_bprm_category_view_messages_insert, and eae_bprm_bumper_macros templates.
New option
  • added an option to have Resource bumps per day count bumps made in each child category when calculating how many bumps per day a user has left for that parent parent and it's sub categories. Enter parent category id's separated by a comma. If you leave this blank, or leave out a parent category id that you may not want this behaviour for, the resource bumps per day value will be inherited by each child category from it's parent category (if higher). See bumper example that applies to this option as well.
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Fixed a template bug that would have caused a template error under the right conditions.

Removed redundant code from a template.
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Requires Bumper v1.1


  • added the option Display members remaining bump count when viewing a resource category. If checked, the members' remaining bump count will be displayed above the list of resources. This will cause one additional query on category view. Defaulted to not checked
  • added the option Display members remaining bump count when viewing a resource. Defaulted to checked
  • added permission A resource can only be bumped this many times per day. Set to 1 to disable multi-bumping of resources
  • added permission Maximum times a resource can be bumped in it's lifetime. Once a resource has this many bumps, it can never be bumped again unless a member has a higher amount set by another user group (Resource category -> user group)
Permission changes
  • removed permission Multi-bump resources. It has been replaced by a numerical permission: A resource can only be bumped this many times per day. Set to a value higher than 1 to allow multi-bumping
  • renamed permission Number of resources that a member can bump per day to Resource bumps per day (this is still for the member)
  • BumperRM has it's own permission interface group: [EAE] BumperRM resource permissions. The new interface group is located directly below [EAE] Bumper forum permissions
Other changes
  • added feedback on resource view page. The feedback displays to the member a resources maximum lifetime bumps, bumps to date, and when the resource can be bumped again. If the resource can be bumped, the date is not shown (the bump button is displayed)
  • when hovering over the bump icon when viewing a resource category, the tooltip now displays the bump expiry date instead of the date the resource was bumped
  • added new templates to reduce the size of template modifications
  • cleaned up some code
Updating from 1.0 to 1.1
  1. upload BumperRM v1.1 files as per normal.
  2. upgrade BumperRM to 1.1.
  3. go to Groups & permissions -> User group permissions, and for the registered group scroll down to BumperRM resource permissions and set the numeric permissions that you want to use as default. Save.
  4. go to Resource categories -> permissions, and for any category that you allow bumps in and you have made changes to the bumperRM permissions (i.e. not set to Inherent) make those changes for the pertinent user group(s), and save.
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- removed an unused visitor instance from the category controller.