[EAE Add-ons] Ignored Statistics

[EAE Add-ons] Ignored Statistics 1.0.0

No permission to buy (CA$6.95)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
PHP 5.6+
Purchasing this add-on entitles you to one installation on your live site and one installation on a password protected test site. This add-on can not be repackaged or redistributed in any form.
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This add-on allows admins with the proper permission to view ignored members counts and counts of members ignoring the most. It is a tool to help members find potential troublemakers or groups of troublemakers (those who ignore all the same select members, as one example).

AdminCP->Users->EAE Ignored Statistics:

  • Most ignored users
  • Users ignoring the most
  • Find ignore stats for user

Administrator permission:

- EAE View ignored Statistics


  • Paginated (set to fetch 20 members per page)
  • Displays members ignoring the most and members being ignored the most
  • Clicking the number on the right side opens an overlay that displays which members are being ignored/or who members are ignoring
  • The overlay fetches thirty members at a time, and contains a 'continue' (to fetch more) and 'back' buttons
  • Admins can also search for specific user or users to view their statistics by using a filter and selecting the type of statistic
  • The footer of each page displays the total number of ignores stored in the database and the number of users being ignored by how many members


- All begin with eae_is_ (the 'is' represents each syllable in the title of the add-on)

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