Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons

Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons 2.2.12

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  • Small corrections
  • [TH] Nodes translation added
  • Cleanup custom phrases. Thanks @Ladegro for reporting this
  • Please note, the archive now has one .XML containing all translations which is what most people need.
    If you need a clean XF only translation without add-ons, you can PM me or export it yourself.
  • Updated XF 2.1.5 phrases
  • Completed some more add-ons
  • Small corrections (thanks @Tuts for your report)
  • Clean up redundant phrases from old add-ons
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  • We now have a 100% completed Dutch translation. All Dutch XenForo phrases have been translated for the first time in the history of XenForo. Frontend and backend. This is a milestone!!!
  • Streamlined the use of 'U/Uw' and 'Je/Jouw'. Sometimes they where even mixed in a single phrase. By default we now use 'Je/Jouw' and only 'U/Uw' for official phrases like terms & rules and privacy policy.
  • As always, please let me know if you find any errors or mistakes so we can keep improving this translation.
  • More refinements and corrections
  • Added a lot of new translations for various popular add-ons
  • Updated phrases to support latest XF 2.1.4 release
  • More translation improvements
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  • Updated phrases to support latest XF 2.1.3 release
  • Many more untranslated phrases have been translated (mostly backend but also some frontend)
  • Refinements and removed some spelling errors
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  • Updated phrases to support latest XF 2.1.2 release
  • Reviewed and translated much more new phrases
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  • Updated phrases for XF 2.1.1
  • Refined much more phrases making the translation more consistent
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This is a major update:
  • 1000+ outdated phrases have been reviewed, refined and/or translated. We now have 0 outdated phrases for XF 2.1! However we are not finished yet. There are enough phrases left to be translated.
  • Removed lots of those annoying capitals coming from the 1.5 release, like "Post New Thread".
  • Updated loads of phrases to be more consistent.
If you have any suggestions, corrections or improvements, please let me know. You can post a request in this topic or PM me if you like (y)
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