Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons

Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons 2.2.10

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  • Updated XF 2.2.1 phrases
  • Added full XFRM translation
  • Minor improvements and corrections
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  • Full translation of XF 2.2 + add-ons
  • Some small changes and corrections in miscellaneous phrases
  • Added translation for the 'Change Content Owner' addon by @TickTackk
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  • Minor corrections
  • Updated add-on translations
  • Looking for XF 2.2 translation? Check this resource.
  • Updated XF 2.1.10 phrases
  • Updated add-on phrases
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  • Added missing XF 2.1.7 phrases
  • Added translation for add-on Guest Posting by @AddonsLab
  • Some minor corrections
  • Updated XF 2.1.6 phrases
  • Added the translation of XenForo Media Gallery (thanks @dutchbb for providing frontend translation)
  • Streamlined XFMG phrases and translated the remaining phrases + backend
  • Some small corrections
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  • Small corrections
  • [TH] Nodes translation added
  • Cleanup custom phrases. Thanks @Ladegro for reporting this
  • Please note, the archive now has one .XML containing all translations which is what most people need.
    If you need a clean XF only translation without add-ons, you can PM me or export it yourself.