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Dazzle - ThemesCorp.com

Unmaintained Dazzle - ThemesCorp.com

No permission to buy ($30.00)
New release

- New option for disable (hide) the separators in custom block (block 2 and 3)


New release

- Support to XenForo 1.5.14

See this thread for manual changes: https://themescorp.com/threads/manual-upgrade-1-5-13-1-5-14.868/
New release
  • New option: add a bounce effect to logo every time the page is loaded
Install: Just upgrade with the xml file

New release

- Add style property for position the title to block 1 on custom footer
- Add many style properties for customize the UserBox
- Add 4 new options in style properties (UserBox) for hide Avatar, Likes, Posts or/and points block
- Add Avatar Circle in membercard
- FontAwesome has been updated to latest version (4.7.0)
- Sticky Navigation for Internet Explorer fixed
- Fix error with helper to avatar for Last Posts block

New release

Slider Responsive is included now !

You can add 10 images.

You have 2 choices of locations, one just above the Forums List and one which will take the total width of the forum which will be placed below the navigation bar

A Usergroup permission allows you to set who can see the Slider Responsive.

There are 2 types of loader:
- Pie (cercle)
- Bar

We have created style properties (in our XenCore Framework) that allow you to easily customize the wrapper of sliders!

For each image, you can:
- Add url image
- Add Caption
- Add link (with option for open link in new window)

  • Slider above the forums list

  • Slider use total width of the forum

  • Slider Options

  • Permission

  • Style Properties

  • Dazzle with XenCore Framework
New release:

Add UserBox System !

It displays a small window in the header that displays your avatar, your number of Posts, Likes and Points.

A new Group and style properties have been created to enable or disable the UserBox system and/or Visitors Panel.




New release 1.5.10:

- Support XenForo 1.5.9/1.5.10
New release:

- FontAwesome has been updated to latest version (4.6.3)
- XenCore Framework: Add new Style Property for determine the size of the title (logo) for Responsive mode (Narrow)

New release

- Support XenForo 1.5.8