Community Hive

Unmaintained Community Hive 1.0.2

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There are now the links to our privacy policy and home page on the admin pages.

The activation routine was changed to not break when the same community URL tries to authenticate again.
  • Improved pre-activation checks by adding a check for URL format.
  • Improved the error messages shown when the activation or subscription fails.
  • Prefilled the subscription form for logged in members with their email address.
  • The widget will be added automatically to the sidebar when activated.
  • Fixed the wrong image showing inside results (The thread cover image was used instead of the first image inside the post).
Please let us know feedback or issues at or email
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This update has quite a few fixes to (hopefully) make the Xenforo integration with Community Hive a lot more stable. It will work on PHP 8 and might work on PHP 7. Please email or post on
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This fixes issues with activating Community Hive that some were reporting. We will follow up with more release candidate updates to refine the process. Thanks!
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