CoinPayments (payments in cryptocurrency)

CoinPayments (payments in cryptocurrency) 1.0.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
CoinPayments account
Addon to add CoinPayments as a payment provider for user upgrades.

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CoinPayments Configuration

1. You must use the merchant tool as shown in the screenshot below (the second).

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Link :

2. Then, you must generate a couple of API keys (link:

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3. You must change the permissions related to this couple to add a permission (get_tx_info).

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4. And finally, you need to add a wallet address for the cryptocurrency of your choice.

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Sample payment profile on xenForo

1. Create a profile for the cryptocurrency for which you have previously configured CoinPayments with the required fields.

List of supported cryptocurrencies (code):

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2. Check this payment method in the payment methods available for your user upgrade.

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(CoinPayments - ETH is an another example)

3. You can now pay with the encryption profile configured.

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If you want to add several cryptcurrencies, you just have to create several payment profiles.

If you have any questions or requests for help, please contact me by private message.

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Latest updates

  1. Fixing a bug with cryptocurrencies requiring a tag id (like Monero)

    Sentence correction, Display of the tag id if the cryptocurrency requires one for payment...

Latest reviews

Awesome Plugin with a very fair price. Thank you so much for creating this and not killing our wallets in the process. This guy is very reasonable!
Thank you !
As previous reviewer mentioned, it's slightly tedious that you need to add a new payment profile for each coin. Personally I have 7 user upgrades so to add 3 different coins I needed to create 21 user upgrades, but to be fair, the author makes that clear in the overview. Otherwise -- can not fault anything with the add-on, extremely useful and well made.
Thank you m !
Very easy to setup and the price is perfect for this compared to some quotes I was given to have this made custom. Thank you very much, fits my needs perfectly!

An additional note: I understand if people do not like how you have to go about the payment profiles but the addons works just fine and does the job.
Thank you !
Works, however you have to manually set a price meaning it does not catch the price you set in the user upgrade. Expample:
you have 3 upgrades and you want to support 5 crypto currencies -> You have to create 15 new payment options.. not so good in my opinion.
This is how it works as explained on the same page.