Classifieds (by Z61) - German/Deutsch translation

Beta Classifieds (by Z61) - German/Deutsch translation 1.0.4 Beta

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
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German translation of Classifieds (by Z61) for the Xenforo 2.x series.
(Format: 'Du')

Please note:
Since the addon Classifieds is labeled as a beta-version by it´s developer, this likewise applies - for the time being - to the status of this translation.

The package contains:
  • german language file for Classifieds for the Xenforo 2.x series (Format: 'Du', complete translation).
  • license information
Payment and download via Paypal/FetchApp.

License includes your right to
  1. use this language file in a single XenForo installation,
  2. alter the language file to your needs, if necessary.
License restrictions:
  1. each license is only valid for the use in ONE Xenforo installation.
  2. Installation and/or use of this language file in each single XenForo installation requires a seperate license.
  3. Any use of this file without proof of licensing is prohibited.
Terms of use:

My language packs for the XenForo software are subject to the provisions of the German Copyright Act (UrhG). The language packs may be modified at will for your own use, whereby the removal or modification of copyright notices, if any, is prohibited. The risks associated with the use of the language packs are solely within the responsibility of the enduser. No liability will be accepted for damage that may result from incorrect designation of functions or associated handling. Any distribution of these language packs is only permitted with written permission.

Please report any errors, missing or misleading phrases in the attached thread. Thank you!
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